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A well written, book about a man stranded on an island in the the times of great ships, slave trade and man eating tribes Crusoe is stranded on a Caribbean island after a great storm and apparently the only survivor apart from a dog, he rescues on the day after, as he notices the shop having run aground not too far off So by means of a raft he gets loads of tools, a bit of food and some other items off the wreck before it finally sinks We learn about how he survives on the island by hard work and clever ideas, by being religious, which helps him not lose his mind band finally we see how he rescues a black man, who would otherwise have been eaten by canibals He teaches him everything he knows including the language and eventually gets rescued himself The books is clearly not politically correct in terms of the 21st century but after all one should read it as a book of its time and as such is it both entertaining and philosophically interesting, a true classic and definitely recommendable in every way The foreword and some extra material help to understand it against the background it was written. of Daniel Defoe s enduring classic about an adventurer stranded on a desert island.Das ist irgend so ein Selbstverlag Mist Sieht aus, als h tte jemand mit Microsoft Word DIN A4 Bl tter ausgedruckt Illustriert ist da rein gar nichts und erst recht nicht Beautifully Rausgeschmissenes Geld Jetzt muss ichs nochmal kaufen Format und Layout sind schrecklich und absolut amateurhaft. It s difficult to start reading old classics if you are not used to their sometimes slow pace, but I can say this one grabbed me almost from the beginning Leaving a man alone in an island where he can only resort to his own wit to survive leaves you thinking what would you do in that same situation.As the book advances, it gets complex as it delves into the psychology and beliefs of a person stranded in solitude for than two decades I found it very deep and phylosophical and a really good read for everyone. There is absolutely no doubt that this is one of the most influential English novels of all times Not only newer versions of Robinson Crusoe were written in great numbers and changed the original slightly, but even some other major novels like Lord of the Flies seem to base to a large extent on Defoe s masterpiece That also goes for movies like Castaway with Tom Hanks, although in alters the original immersively.The reading although re edited and transfered into modern English is mostly fluent and straightforward Some words seem to have a completely changend meaning nowadays and for me as a non native speaker of English, I confess I sometimes had my difficulties with some words.If the story would be written in the 21st century, the author would probably shorten it a little bit, since some passages are somewhat tedious to read and too detailed for the modern reader This on my account applies for the middle part of the narrative that could be suspensful because it seems to lose the thread bit and bit And it also goes for the main characters repetitive adressing of god and fate all the time it s a book written three hundred years ago, so this was quite common.Nevertheless, I did not dare to cut a star for the weaker middle part of the story since this truly is a English classic and should be read if you are interested in major works of the English language It is really interesting how modern versions of this narrative changend central points, especially the editions for children did a lot alteration with the character Friday who does not really have a clay feet in the original.Having another theme, but also taking place on a deserted island is Lord of the Flies from William Golding This also could be a good reading for you, if you like Defoe s setting here, but it s much modern in style since written in 1951. The Penguin English Library Edition of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe I walk d about on the shore, lifting up my hands, and my whole being, as I may say, wrapt up in the contemplation of my deliverance reflecting upon all my comrades that were drown d, and that there should not be one soul sav d but my self Who has not dreamed of life on an exotic isle, far away from civilization Here is the novel which has inspired countless imitations by lesser writers, none of which equal the power and originality of Defoe s famous book Robinson Crusoe, set ashore on an island after a terrible storm at sea, is forced to make do with only a knife, some tobacco, and a pipe He learns how to build a canoe, make bread, and endure endless solitude That is, until, twenty four years later, when he confronts another human being First published in , Robinson Crusoe has been praised by such writers as James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, and Samuel Johnson as one of the greatest novels in the English languageThe Penguin English Libraryeditions of the best fiction in English, from the eighteenth century and the very first novels to the beginning of the First World War Nachdem ich mir das Buch sowohl als Print Version, als auch als Ebook gekauft habe, kann ic h eindeutig sagen, dass dieses Buch gedruckt besser ist zumindest wenn man wie ich die B cher gerne analysiert.Super Druckqualit t und Aufbau der Buches.Und abgesehen von dieser top Edition des Werkes, gebe ich Robinson Crusoe sowieso schon 5 Sterne, weil es ein geniales Buch ist.Ich kann jedem nur empfehlen diesen Klassiker zu lesen. Robinson Crusoe (The Penguin English Library)

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