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Reincarnated as a Sword (Light Novel) Vol. 3 DOUBLE TROUBLERumors of unrest lead Fran and Teacher to the port of Seedrun, where the intrepid duo uncovers yet another large scale slaving operation In their quest to liberate the kidnapped children, they find themselves unexpectedly playing guardian to a pair of twins from a very special lineage one that might just have yanked Fran and Teacher into the middle of a civil war Another good book in the series And, a little but of a teaser towards the end There is than meets the eye with Teacher Hopefully, we ll find out in the next installment. I must really say I have never expected this way of story I was thinking now they are crossing the sea and on the ship they have to fight a really strong Opponent and then they are reaching their goal and in the next book they invade the dungeon and there Teacher learn many things about him self and that thing inside him but no its not going this way it is way save friends and kill slavers I have to say I m expecting nothing from the next book only that it will still not go the original way I would say everyone who loves Isekai should read this Isekai books nothing for people under 10 that is only for their psychic. It s good don t get me wrong, but it s not as good as the previous two volumes Fran is as cute and deadly as ever and there s than enough action to keep the story going What lets it down is far too much politics involved with the captured royalty trope The bickering and in fighting may work in a darker setting but in this series it just seems to get in the way.It is offset to a degree by the sword being aware of what s going on mostly but it can feel a little binary in its outcomes total losses or stunning victories for the vast majority of the time. I really enjoyed this book

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