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Tanaka, Y: Reincarnated as a Sword (Light Novel) Vol. 2 The plot is pretty straight forward, which isn t a criticism Isekai novels can get bogged down with plot twists and evil machinations this at the moment is pretty free of that The good guys are good mostly and the bad guys are bad and stupid at times.Fran is the central character despite the series being about the sword, she manages to to be an intriguing character while being quite quiet and reticent The story manages to blend drama and humour in equal measures quite seamlesly.The combat can come across as a bit binary easy win or hard loss but considering how much of a prodigy she is this isn t an issue.A good, fun read where eventually you learn a bit about Fran s history COME INTO MY PARLORPeople remain skeptical of Fran s abilities despite her achievements with Teacher, and so, accused of playing favorites, the Guild Master assigns the duo a difficult mission to prove their worth Fran and Teacher don t much care what anyone thinks of them, but once they venture into the snare filled Spider s Lair, even they realize they may have bitten off than they can chew Fantastic idea, great characters, couldn t put it down Comenc a leer esta novela, por que no ten a otra cosa que leer, el inicio es un poco aburrido y repetitivo, pero en cuanto llega Fran todo se vuelve mucho mejor Fran es super adorable, y no es la cl sica damisela en peligro, es por merito propio una buena guerrera.Teacher es un buen personaje, llevando la narrativa y guiando a Fran, sin opacarla.La exploraci n de las mazmorras dungeons esta tan bien escrita que casi casi es como si las vivieras en persona Espero que los siguientes vol menes sigan igual de buenos My purchase arrived quickly and in great condition This is such an amazing series The writing style can be a bit bland at times but the story itself is really great and it s funny at times too I highly recommend it to any fantasy fan and a fan or the isekai genre Maybe not for younger audience to read since it s pretty brutal at times as well as some adult language. Still disappointing writing.i said it last book this author has some way to go to really get readers engaged in the bookvery much lack luster so far i mean its not actively bad but its not overly enjoyable eitherit s a Solid Meh i would give it two and a half stars if i could but it get half a star it really does not deservethis is this authors second book so i am sure he ll get a lot better in future so i hope he stays with it but so far he s not quite there yet but there is still potential The story starts where part 1 ended Fran and Teacher decide to visit an other dungeon after realizing normal quests don t give enough xp First they need to proof their strength, which is harder than expected Once done, they start their journey, which ends up life threatening.The story is carried by the personalities and situations, although their are hints towards an overall plot The story is like the end of part 1 which imo is a good thing We get to meet people and Fran opens up to others.The deus ex machina at the end feels a bit odd I am not a big fan of it even though it is an unrepeatable trick and is at least related to the events The world building and game mechanics also feel a bit inconsistent, especially since they now set out in the bigger world For example, somebody attacks the king and confronts Fran within days, but yet Fran travels for days through wilderness.Still, it was an entertaining story Looking forward to the next part.

About the Author: Yuu Tanaka

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tanaka, Y: Reincarnated as a Sword (Light Novel) Vol 2 book, this is one of the most wanted Yuu Tanaka author readers around the world.

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