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Ravens in the Storm: A Personal History of the 1960s Anti-War Movement If you re interested in what ACTUALLY inspired the movements of the Sixties, rather than the silly myths, this is one book that will tell it to you straight Oglesby was there, and he has a terrific memory, and an intelligent mind penetrating and compassionate.They just don t make em like this any.They were the best of times, they were the worst of times, as has been said a million times, but this book is one of the most accurate ones around. Features A First Person Account Of The Organization Students For A Democratic Society, And Describes The Author S Travels To Vietnam, His Work On Student Volunteer Initiatives, And His Participation In The Chicago Seven Trial Very well written memoir of SDS as it transitioned from its early years to its demise under the frustrations and pressures of the era A few minor mis edits do not detract from this exciting and calmly passionate account of a unique personality in SDS As an activist in an SDS chapter during the times, I found this book s insights both clarifying and satisfying A must read. At least two stars for being well written and entertaining Only two stars because the author s political views are so confused and incoherent Perhaps it deserves another star for exposing his political opponents as being equally confused and incoherent I say this from the point of view of one who believes the United States is a dictatorship of the rich that wages unjust wars like Vietnam and recently Iraq and Afghanistan and that we need a revolution that reflects the positive values of ordinary people and creates a genuine democracy based on equality and mutual aid. To me, this was quite an interesting and touching book Especially since I knew Carl and had read most of his other books.Carl sacrificed a comfortable and prosperous upper middle class life to become one of the leaders of SDS during a tumultuous decade One that had great promise and excitement up until about 1968 Carl got swept up in it and became a wise leader of SDS He did not want to focus only on Vietnam, he was not a Marxist Leninist, and he wanted SDS to try and stretch and dialogue with people to their right as well as their left At one point SDS had 120,000 members and 317 chapters After Bernardine Dohrn took control and removed Carl from the organization, it was all downhill for SDS The four debates he has with Dohrn form the dramatic and intellectual fulcrum of the book Dohrn simply had no real vision for SDS, and she was nuttily unrealistic about how they could influence the system.Under her leadership and decision making, the SDS radical wing took over SDS was formally dissolved on a national level, and Oglesby was kicked out The Weathermen started using bombings, robberies etc which played right into the hands of Nixon, Agnew and the MSM This culminated in the utter failure of the Days of Rage and the final going underground with the Weathermen As Oglesby notes, what makes this even worse is the fact that Dohrn and the Weathermen had very little to do with the end of the war Nixon kept on bombing VIetnam, and spreading the war into Laos and Cambodia And he might have kept on doing that until Watergate stopped him Nixon used them to polarize the debate and appeal to his Silent Majority As Oglesby notes, Dohrn even joked about what the Manson gang had done to the LaBiancas.To me, it is sad book really Its pretty clear Oglesby was right and Dohrn was wrong The ending was touching about him going out into a powerful wind at Martha s Vineyard to see the birds being tossed around by the storm, some of them dropping from a high altitude An obvious metaphor for what happened to the SDS.Carl Oglesby, RIP.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ravens in the Storm: A Personal History of the 1960s Anti-War Movement book, this is one of the most wanted Carl Oglesby author readers around the world.

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