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Ranger Confidential: Living, Working, and Dying in the National Parks Andrea WOW This was a solid book Great read Excellent ability to get you right into the action and into the lives and experiences of the NPS Rangers and staff It brought back a lot of great memories from my own time with NPS back in the 90 s Underfunded and underappreciated.Get this book Read this book If you want to know about the life of a Ranger, this is great insight. The Real Stories Behind The Scenery Of America S National Parks For Twelve Years, Andrea Lankford Lived In The Biggest, Most Impressive National Parks In The World, Working A Job She Loved She Chaperoned Baby Sea Turtles On Their Journey To Sea She Pursued Bad Guys On Her Galloping Patrol Horse She Jumped Into Rescue Helicopters Bound For The Heart Of The Grand Canyon She Won Arguments With Bears She Slept With A Few Too Many Rattlesnakes Hell Yeah, It Was The Best Job In The World Fortunately, Andrea Survived It In This Graphic And Yet Surprisingly Funny Account Of Her And Others Extraordinary Careers, Lankford Unveils A World In Which Park Rangers Struggle To Maintain Their Idealism In The Face Of Death, Disillusionment, And The Loss Of A Comrade Killed While Holding That Thin Green Line Between Protecting The Park From The People, The People From The Park, And The People From Each Other Ranger Confidential Is The Story Behind The Scenery Of The Nation S Crown Jewels Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Great Smokies, Denali In These Iconic Landscapes, Where Nature And Humanity Constantly Collide, Scenery Can Be As Cruel As It Is Redemptive I rarely write reviews, may it be on products or literature, I find I have very little to say beyond it works or it was good I often feel unless something has had an impact on me I am being dishonest were I to promote it This book, however, is exceptional.It is hard to put into a few sentences how meaningful this record is The lessons on life that can be gleaned are at times overwhelming I can not recall an account of events as moving and heartfelt as is written here There are few moments in my life I have read a story either fact or fiction , and became so connected to the people, I felt as though I had made and lost friends I left this adventure with a profound desire to meet and speak with all of the people involved.This is an excellent read, an incredible journey and a damn fine book all around I highly recommend it, and hope you find it as enjoyable and heart wrenching as I do. Well written book, hard to put down book for a memoir eulogy loved how you followed various characters all friends acquaintances of the writer through experiences in the National Park service Enjoyed an insider s eye to working in the Parks, however I no longer would be interested in working in them if these experiences are true to most workers It definitely shows the ugly underbelly of working in the parks with a lot of gender discrimination, etc The one aspect which weakened the book in my view was the ending I understand that the writer wrote it as a tribute and lasting memorial to the colleague who died and I m sure the family of the person appreciates that but it was the weakest part of the novel since it changed the strong tone to a meandering, loquacious ramble of recorded last moments and memorial services If the book had abbreviated that section and ended at the death, the book would have been stronger, interesting, and would have left the reader with a profound sense of the loss Instead, I became annoyed at the pettiness, etc One aspect of this book that annoyed me to no end was the constant referring to one individual as very short, repeatedly even to his face over and over as if it was a funny, endearing inside joke Perhaps it was, but to me it simply came across as a not in touch friend who picks on someone for a physical characteristic that that person is then forced to pretend to be ok with the joke and laugh it off Maybe I m reading too much into it and perhaps it wouldn t even be worth noting except that the shortness came up over and over Also, be aware that there is some language crudity sexuality mentioned Due to that, I would not recommend simply since I wouldn t want to offend others. Ranger Confidential is a collection of true stories based on 12 years working in America s most famous parks, such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite Everyday life for rangers includes firefighting, law enforcement, search and rescue, saving people s lives, protecting flora and fauna, fending off assaults, and identifying hikers distress symptoms.The tales are funny, sad, tragic, and extraordinary The park rangers are dedicated, loyal, calm, honest, courageous, flabbergasted, disillusioned, and tired Who knew so much happened in the parks A ranger s life is not a walk in the park, especially when dealing with alcoholic hikers, people undertaking illegal activities, criminals hiding out, people using the park as a garbage dump, and people who don t want to be saved And dealing with scorpions, snakes, bears and other wild animals.Lankford doesn t beat about the bush when she narrates the good, the bad, and the ugly of park ranging It s an interesting read. I found this book interesting and entertaining and had many insights into the work of a ranger in the national parks of the United states I noticed that I didn t have much of a clue of what exactly a ranger does I learned that Rangers aren t just protectors of the wildlife but also policemen and women, paramedics, SAR professionals and of course guardians of nature and wildlife as well.What I didn t like about the book though, was the often negative tone of the author She made it sound like almost everything was bad or at least unfair in a Ranger s life Bad pay, insurance, job opportunites, always treated badly by guests, tourists and superiors It would have been an amazing book if the author had focussed a bit on why she still liked the job which she does at times and a bit less on all the things she was dissatisfied with.Still I recommend reading this book In this day and age of self published works, it becomes almost shocking when you read two different books one written by an author in over his her head and one written by a very good author Andrea Lankford is the latter she is a very good author It has been an absolute pleasure to read Lankford s book, Ranger Confidential I really enjoyed reading her book I laughed, I smiled, I pictured the places she describes and the incidents she reports easily in my head She does a very good job painting the picture with her words and I really enjoyed her writing style I found myself chuckling than once She relays very good stories, discusses deeper issues within the National Park Service and tells stories of other rangers while never sounding whiny, condescending or preachy As someone angling toward a second career as a seasonal park ranger, I ve been reading several books about rangers The first two were not very well written, never drew me in as a reader and came across as whiny and negative Lankford is simply a good writer, and it makes the book much enjoyable to read Instead of waiting for the book to just end already, I was looking forward to picking it up each time and reading it, not really all that excited for it to end That is the sign of a good, well written book With too many poorly written books out there, it s been a pleasure read Lankford s intriguing book about National Park Service rangers and her career.

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