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Radical Melbourne: A Secret History A valuable reminder of how hard life was in 1890s early 1900s Australia Economy terrible, lots of unemployment but no government welfare policy yet Protest was banned, riots occurred instead A lot about class Years of struggle to have working people able to access books and education from Victoria's biggest public library No basic wage. Fascinating history A great book, super interesting if you live in Melbourne Really made me look at the city in a new way. jeff sparrow is a total dude. Presents a pictorial guide through the firstyears of political radicalism in Melbourne, focusing on the structures, streets and public places that remain today Documents struggles and political victories and defeats from the city's past Part walking tour and part social archaelogy, it relates familiar city landmarks to historical events of the past Foreword by Stuart Macintyre Contains overhistorical photos, maps, bibliography and index Authors are brother and sister, both social activists who work in libraries in Melbourne

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