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QE2: A 50th Anniversary Celebration Fifty years ago, the last British built transatlantic liner was launched Christened by HM The Queen on September thefeet long vessel was named Queen ElizabethBy the end of that same day, she was already known by her famous nickname QE Fast, smart and sleek, QE sailedthanmillion miles and carriedthanmillion passengers during a magnificentyear career Put simply, she carriedpeople further than any ship before her and remains the longest serving express liner in history Through words penned by passionate QE travelers and with tribute stories from captains, crew, and guests, a wide selection of carefully selected photographs bring this wonderful ship to life

About the Author: Chris Frame

Chris Frame and Rachelle Cross have written a number of successful books, including the Photographic Journey series, and many books for the Story series, as well as A Photographic History of PO Cruises and An Evolution of Transatlantic Liners

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