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Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don't Talk about It) (The University Center for Human Values Series) I came into this book with a fair amount of skepticism I come from a libertarian and economic background and the idea of thinking about government as a private entity is strange to me But Anderson s arguments are worth thinking about and, most credible of all, she acknowledges the solutions are not easy This is not a problem that can be solved without severe costs.What I really liked about the book is the comments and response chapters Anderson s argument is only 70 pages long so about half the book involves other academics giving her feedback and her responding to them This is a great idea More nonfiction should include civil back and forth discussion and this book should serve as a model for how to incorporate fruitful conversations.Unfortunately, Anderson was not always civil Tyler Cowen, the economic commentator, thoroughly critiqued her argument and she unprofessionally dismissed some of his comments as fallacious arguments and claimed that his opinion is completely distorted by his occupation standing and discipline bias These were inappropriate comments and cast a dark cloud over what would otherwise be an illuminating response.Thankfully, Anderson s comments were generally thoughtful I remain sympathetic to Cowen s points but less so than before I read the book It takes a lot of integrity to give your intellectual opponents voice in your book and I hope many nonfiction books include a comments and response section in the future. As someone who put in over a decade in a Fortune 500 firm and worked on K Street in DC, EA is spot on with respect to elucidating the unacceptable authoritarianism in workplaces in the US and elsewhere due to the legal regime that s created corporate governance Liberty is dead, corporate managers have killed it.. Private Government is an intriguing look at how American companies suppress the rights and control the lives of their employees through nearly unlimited private power Essentially a repost of her own important lectures on the matter, Elizabeth Anderson splits her time between establishing a historical perspective on how labor has changed from England s fiefdoms in the 17th century and how it gradually influenced American labor through the Industrial Revolution while also describing how modern firms have been able to consolidate their power to affect their employees lives far beyond the workplace Almost counter intuitively, Anderson invites a philosopher and an economist to provide a foil to her lectures with a conclusion in turn that argues their points.There s an irony that Anderson uses the conclusion to explain that handling these private governments should be an ongoing conversation because just as the conversation becomes interesting, the book ends A short read, Anderson explains the problem in detail, but offers little in the way of solutions, hinting slightly at employee owned firms in Europe Anderson acknowledges this, but that makes this book feel less like a comprehensive take on the matter and like the first few chapters for what could ve been a great book. Why Our Workplaces Are Authoritarian Private Governments And Why We Can T See ItOne In Four American Workers Says Their Workplace Is A Dictatorship Yet That Number Almost Certainly Would Be Higher If We Recognized Employers For What They Are Private Governments With Sweeping Authoritarian Power Over Our Lives Many Employers Minutely Regulate Workers Speech, Clothing, And Manners On The Job, And Employers Often Extend Their Authority To The Off Duty Lives Of Workers, Who Can Be Fired For Their Political Speech, Recreational Activities, Diet, And Almost Anything Else Employers Care To Govern In This Compelling Book, Elizabeth Anderson Examines Why, Despite All This, We Continue To Talk As If Free Markets Make Workers Free, And She Proposes A Better Way To Think About The Workplace, Opening Up Space For Discovering How Workers Can Enjoy Real Freedom

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Private Government: How Employers Rule Our Lives (and Why We Don't Talk about It) (The University Center for Human Values Series) book, this is one of the most wanted Elizabeth Anderson author readers around the world.

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