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Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations A Beautifully Written, Eminently Readable And Uniquely Important Challenge To Conventional Wisdom J D Vance, Author Of Hillbilly ElegyNever Has Our Society Felt Divided In Political Tribes, Amy Chua Diagnoses The Cause Of Our Current Political Discord Tribalism In Many Parts Of The World, The Group Identities That Matter Most The Ones That People Will Kill And Die For Are Ethnic, Religious, Sectarian Or Clan Based Time And Time Again Our Blindness To Tribalism Has Undermined Our Foreign PolicyAt Home, We Have Recently Witnessed The Rise Of Identity Politics, A Movement That Encourages Us To Define Ourselves Against, And Thereby Exclude, Others The Shock Results Of The US Election And The Brexit Referendum Show That Tribalism Is A Social Truth That We Ignore At Our Peril When People Are Defined By Their Differences To Each Other, Extremism Becomes The Common Ground, And The Grand Ideals Of Democracy Have A Hard Time Competing With A Primal Need To BelongIf We Are To Transcend Our Political Tribes, We Must Rediscover A Broader, Nuanced Unity That Acknowledges The Reality Of Our Group Differences Insightful, Challenging And Provocative, Amy Chua S Groundbreaking Book Could Not Be Timely Political Tribes was an interesting spiritual follow up to Chua s World on Fire, which focused on the destabilizing effects of market dominant minorities in developing countries.Overall, insightful, but it felt half baked This is kind of a running theme with Chua s work She excels at identifying problems that seem obvious in hindsight, but finishes on half earned high notes without evaluating how societies can work through the problems she identifies At her most uninspired, she tends to drift into cultural superiority arguments without empirical evidence to support her claims.That being said, worth a read, especially if you haven t read any of her ethnic conflict related work before. I would like to believe Chua s thesis, that the interest group warfare we have right now is something she calls it Tribalism but when something is everything then maybe it s nothing.Her fascinating and well written descriptions of the various groups into which American democracy is dissolving make very good reading must reading, for anyone interested in The USA or The World, in this Age of Trump and Age of Asia But whether it all boils down to Tribalism, or to anything else understandable or manageable, much less a characterization of how things political will proceed going forward, well, I m still a sceptic still it seems like a dissolution, to me, simply a mess now, and Trump simply a bottom feeder opportunist taking advantage.I hope I m wrong and she s right, as I d love to believe that we somehow can bring order out of all the chaos she so elegantly describes But I fear it s just chaos, in fact that her Tribalism is simply what s left over when systems fail, the primal soup from which we emerged in the 15th century to found our nation states, and to which we seem to be returning now that our Terrible 20th century Long War and Pax Americana are gone.Everyone everywhere needs to read her book, I think it is that good, and that general, and all of us around the globe need some reassurance now that we do not face just chaos, in our 2 great paradigm shifts from Manufacturing to Digital, and from Empires to Asia but as we grasp for straws, and I fear Tribalism may be one such, we must remember Yeats warning that this may be, only,Things fall apart the centre cannot hold Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, and that Trump and various other similar disasters elsewhere may be our own rough beast, its hour come round at last I d still prefer liberal democracy, a 2 Party System, multilateral treaties and foreign policies, and universalized Human Rights, over the tribalized world Chua appears to be recommending here. Another great book by Amy Chua that helps explain overlooked and misunderstood cultural forces across the world Particularly fascinating, the chapters on Iraq and Afghanistan, while concise, cover an amazing amount of material Adding a vital new dimension tribalism to the way Americans should think about our foreign policy in the Middle East, Chua is essential reading along with George Packer and Steve Coll for anyone who wants to be considered informed on the subject of America s most recent wars.Subtly provocative, Chua s analysis of domestic politics transcends political parties Instead of taking sides, she makes clear eyed critiques of the ways both parties have contributed to our current polarization and divisiveness Members of BOTH parties will no doubt be challenged and perhaps even angered by different parts of the book, but republicans, democrats and independents alike would all do well to read the book and think deeply about Chua s argument The book is filled with fascinating statistics and studies that will make you think differently about things like occupy wall street, the rise of Trump, immigration, and economic inequality And though Political Tribes is truly harrowing at times, I definitely found it to be, ultimately, a hopeful book.

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