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Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations A Beautifully Written, Eminently Readable And Uniquely Important Challenge To Conventional Wisdom J D Vance, Author Of Hillbilly Elegy A Page Turner And Revelation, Political Tribes Will Change The Way You Think Tim Wu, Author Of The Attention Merchants In Political Tribes, Amy Chua Argues That We Must Rediscover An Identity That Transcends The Tribalism We See In Politics Today Enough False Slogans Of Unity, Which Are Just Another Form Of Divisiveness When People Are Defined By Their Differences To Each Other, Extremism Becomes The Common Ground It Is Time For A Difficult Unity That Acknowledges The Reality Of Our Group Differences And Fights The Deep Rifts That Divide Us

4 thoughts on “Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations

  1. Simon Cantrell Simon Cantrell says:

    It s a very readable book, but sometimes a bit lightweight I felt there was something missing and it never really left me feeling it concluded fully She also makes unnecessary throwaway comments, pushing her li

  2. Jack Kessler Jack Kessler says:

    I would like to believe Chua s thesis, that the interest group warfare we have right now is something she calls it Tribalism but when something is everything then maybe it s nothing.Her fascinating and well written descr

  3. Ryan Thier Ryan Thier says:

    Another great book by Amy Chua that helps explain overlooked and misunderstood cultural forces across the world Particularly fascinating, the chapters on Iraq and Afghanistan, while concise, cover an amazing amount of material Add

  4. 12th-century.se Customer 12th-century.se Customer says:

    Political Tribes was an interesting spiritual follow up to Chua s World on Fire, which focused on the destabilizing effects of market dominant minorities in developing countries.Overall, insightful, but it felt half baked This is kind of a

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