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Phoenix: Policing the Shadows The Revealing Story Of Ian Phoenix Who Was Head Of Northern Ireland S Police Counter Surveillance Unit His Position Was So Secret That Most Of His Family Were Unaware Of It Until After His Death

6 thoughts on “Phoenix: Policing the Shadows

  1. Andreas Baer Andreas Baer says:

    Das Buch ist nur f r Menschen geeignet, die sich wirklich f r Nordirland interessieren Phoenix war ein hochrangiger Polizist und ein wichtiger Mensch im Kampf der Briten gegen die Provisional IRA Dass dieser Kampf nicht sauber war, kann man hier nachlesen Die Perspektive der pro britischen Seite wird sehr deutlich.

  2. Borg9 Borg9 says:

    Ex para conscientious and with high moral standards The focus is on the daily running of a counter terror war against the various factions, both Provisional and Loyalist There s a lot written about the British government s political meddling in police operations This informative book starts and ends with the unsolved crash in 1994 of a Chinook helo in Scotland that takes the lives of most of the top figures in N.Ireland s intelligence community, including Phoenix Recommended book f

  3. Sugafoot Sugafoot says:

    This book is chock full of insights about the undercover war in northern Ireland Derived largely from the diary of Ian Phoenix a high ranking policeman, who helped coordinate where and how elite undercover assets such as the SAS, E4A, 14th Intelligence, were deployed against the IRA However, due to both secrecy restrictions placed on the publisher as well as the very likely event that Phoenix stopped short of imparting the most explosive details even from his own diary, this work is not

  4. eugene f dunham III eugene f dunham III says:

    great book even in another government, the higher ups don t know their head from their ass book shows that mr phoenix really cared for the people around him and wanted to do a great job to help the people of Ireland a really touching story.

  5. R Michels R Michels says:

    Good read, yet another sacrifice in the war on terror and the Brits have been at this longer than the US has.

  6. Joseph Z. Joseph Z. says:

    Jack Holland writes like we re having a conversation across the table

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