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Peter in Peril: Courage and Hope in World War Two The warmth of humanity shines through the story There are many great books retelling the experience of WW and this is special because of its graphic format which will capture some who might find continual text off putting School Librarian This book, which establishes the right to life and to live in freedom and safety could not bepertinent for the current political climate, not only here in the UK, but also further afield IBBY Link Even young children will get a sense of what it means to become the custodian of a memory Jewish Chronicle An engrossing true storysuperbly told in graphic format Words and pictures are skillfully combined and from the start of this first person narrative, young readers will identify with Peter Books for Keepsstar review Helen s graphic illustrations are just right for this kind of book, and should go down well with quite young readers Let s hope, too, that they can see the similiarities with what s happening today in far too many places If it was wrong then, it s wrong now Bookwitch A true story about a young Jewish boytold with amazing depth in a simpler and effective way Our teen reviewer was very moved Angels and Urchins Learn, in an accessible way,abou tthe second world wara moving and true story that will make readers think and help them to understandabout the experience of the war for children of their own age Armadillo Without a doubt, this is the sort of book that is needed nowthan ever, to educate children about the terrible atrocities of war, and how ordinary children like themselves became caught up in the conflict, taken far away from their homes and everything they knew and loved At times it s quite a tough read, certainly a title for older children but it imparts its story with sensitivity and thought This is the sort of book we d truly love to see championed in schools and libraries Read It, Daddy This moving, true story of the Second World War tells Peter s story in his own words, accompanied by excellent illustrations which really convey the sombre feel of the story Moving and very effective Parents in Touch This debut graphic novel delicately balances the horror of those war years with a child s eye view of events, allowing young and older readers to gently explore some of the aspects of the Holocaust without it becoming overwhelming There s a great deal of humour, and a real sense that children will always be children, however bad things get, finding ways to make new friends and creating new games to play even in the darkest hours, thereby giving us hope for better things to comePeter s story is moving but also funny, horribly sad and sometimes frightening, before a page turn makes you smile It is peppered with moments of laughter and is pitched just right for, say, upper Primary school aged kids Playing by the Book This is definitely a worthy entry to the non fiction shelves for the very young It s a non scary but still evocative primer for the fact that you didn t have to live in Germany to suffer at the hands of Nazis The Book Bag This moving graphic novel is published in Septemberand well worth pre ordering Peter is just an ordinary boy, who loves playing football with his friends and eating cake until war comes to his city and the whole family have to go into hiding Sita Brahmachari The GuardianPeter is just an ordinary boy, who loves playing football with his friends and eating cake until war comes to his city and the whole family have to go into hidingThis moving, true story of the Second World War, set in Budapest, Hungary, shows in vivid words and pictures how Peter, his cousin Eva and his mum and dad bravely struggle to survive in a city torn apart by warfare

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