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Peeps An alternate cover for this edition can be found hereLast year as college freshman, narrator Cal was infected by exotic goth Morgan with a parasite that caused following girlfriends to become vampire like ghouls he calls parasite positives Peeps A carrier without symptoms, he hunts his progeny for the centuries old bureaucratic Night Watch But victims are showing sanity, pretty human Lacey is pushing his buttons, and her apartment building basement houses fierce hordes of ravening rats, red eyed cats, and monstrous worms that threaten all Morgan has the secret to a centuries old conspiracy and upcoming battle to save the human race

About the Author: Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld is a New York Times bestselling author of YA He was born in the Texas and now lives in Sydney and New York City In 2001, Westerfeld married fellow author Justine Larbalestier.He is best known for the Uglies and Leviathan series His next book, IMPOSTORS, returns to the world of Uglies It comes out September 11, 2018.

10 thoughts on “Peeps

  1. ★ Jess ★ Jess says:

    Dont have sex, because you will turn into a vampire, and die Thats the message I picked up on in Peeps Funny, because Westerfelds other book, Uglies, the message was dont pollute the environment A bit of a difference in moral there Anyway, I really enjoyed this book It wins the Weirdest Book I Have Ever Read In My Life award Scott Westerfeld has created a fant

  2. Denise Denise says:

    This is a young adult book It might be marketed for the teenage crowd, but I d say it sadult, less young Things that should not be in YA fiction four letter words including the worst one , a casual attitude toward promiscuity and uncommitted sex, visits to a gay bar, and a not very subtle contempt for religious beliefs, expressed with a condescending and scornfu

  3. Emma Emma says:

    I was going to say this is one of Scott Westerfeld s earlier novels, but they all seem to have come onto the scene around 2005 Instead I ll say this, it s one that s set in New York City.So, here s a reason to advocate abstinence only sex education You can turn into a vampire if you exchange saliva with the wrong person Cal, unfortunately, misses out on this lesso

  4. Maggie Stiefvater Maggie Stiefvater says:

    I loved this tight, scientific vampire book It s a sparsely written, fast paced novel about a disease that mimics vampirism and the end of the world.

  5. Kim Kim says:

    This review will include two sentences I never expected to write in a review, namely 1 This book does not contain any sickly sweet marshmallow candy and2 Ew, ew, ew Does that make you want to keep reading I hope so, because Scott Westerfeld, who for my money is among the best YA authors writing these days, has created a believable and realistic take on the vampire leg

  6. Julie Julie says:

    I lost my virginity to the apocalypse Scott Westerfeld s Peeps is another great off the wall vampire novel A far cry from Anne Rice s sultry, albeit long, stories about vampires, Westerfeld takes the classic vampire and pretty much rips it apart In Peeps vampires arelike people with a nasty case of syphilis than sexy indestructible gods Being a vampire means being infec

  7. Kevin Fanning Kevin Fanning says:

    Interest premise, fun ride Loved that the female protagonist wasn t all helpless and actually was smarter funnierinteresting than the lead male HOWEVER I could not wrap my head around the rhythm of her voice The author had her doing weird things like saying Dude at the end of EVERY sentence, which made no sense and got irritating very quickly But that s the only complaint

  8. Jim Jim says:

    The basis of the horror in this novel isn t occult, but scientific Parasites make their hosts do things True horror there are a lot of examples I asked some friends who knewgarnered a few interesting links on it When I finished the book, I found that the author said they were all real parasites even has a bibliography I recognized at least one of the books he lists as being

  9. Trin Trin says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This one s an interesting reinvention of the vampire myth vampirism is a sexually transmitted parasite, an idea that Westerfeld explores fully, and often with great creativity and zest You know how that bit about vamps sorry, peeps being afraid of crosses came about One of the parasite s adaptatio

  10. Colleen Houck Colleen Houck says:

    This is perhaps the weirdest, most unique take on vampires ever I will be thinking about that twisting on a stick worm in the leg thing for a long time I ve got the creepy crawlies right now.

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