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Over the Garden Wall Vol. 4 Its the hunt for the Hero Frog only Wirt and Greg have to find out if hes actually a Heroor a VillainIts the ultimate test of good versus evil as Greg continues his journey to find Jason Funderburkers father, Hero Frog They might have finally found the right Frogbut there is something about him that just doesnt seem very nice and Wirt is trapped between chasing a shapeshifter with Sara and helping his brother find out the truth that Hero Frog is actually a pirate Join these half brothers as they experience the fantastical world that is found in the Unkown The Eisner Award winning series continues with a collection of stories from Over the Garden Wall storyboarder Jim Campbell, Danielle Burgos, Cara McGee Clarence , and Kiernan Sjursen Lien Dont miss the ongoing adventures based on the Emmy Award winning show from Cartoon Network

About the Author: Kiernan Sjursen Lien

Pat McHale is a writer, storyboard artist, animator, and independent filmmaker, best known for being a former writer and creative director on the animated series Adventure Time for Cartoon Network, which he contributed to during its first five seasons McHale recently created the Emmy award winning mini series Over the Garden Wall

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