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Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century From One Of America S Greatest Non Fiction Writers, An Epic Saga Of The Rise And Fall Of American Power, From Vietnam To Afghanistan, Told Through The Life Of One ManRichard Holbrooke Was One Of The Most Legendary And Complicated Figures In Recent American History Brilliant, Utterly Self Absorbed, And Possessed Of Almost Inhuman Energy And Appetites, He Was Both Admired And Detested From His Days As A Young Adviser In Vietnam To His Last Efforts To End The War In Afghanistan, Holbrooke Embodied The Postwar American Impulse To Take The Lead On The Global Stage He Was The Force Behind The Dayton Accords That Ended The Balkan Wars, America S Greatest Diplomatic Achievement In The Post Cold War Era His Power Lay In An Utter Belief In Himself And His Idea Of A Muscular, Generous Foreign Policy But His Sharp Elbows And Tireless Self Promotion Ensured That He Never Rose To The Highest Levels In Government That He So Desperately Coveted Holbrooke S Story Is The Story Of The Rise And Fall Of America During Its Era Of Supremacy Its Strength, Drive, And Sense Of Possibility, As Well As Its Penchant For Overreach And Heedless Self Confidence Drawing On Holbrooke S Diaries And Papers, George Packer S Narrative Is Both Intimate And Epic In Its Revelatory Portrait Of This Extraordinary And Deeply Flawed Man, And The Elite Spheres Of Society And Government He Inhabited

5 thoughts on “Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century

  1. Sharon Miles Sharon Miles says:

    My name is Richard Miles and I will confess to being annoyed The author, for some inexplicable reason, glosses over Dick Holbrooke s year long struggle with Serbian leader Milosevic over the deepening crisis in Kosovo 1998 99 I was there as the Chief

  2. Book Lover Book Lover says:

    This is, hands down, the best biography I have ever read And I almost didn t read it, as I was discouraged by the earliest newspaper reviews I had seen.Fortunately I then read the Walter Isaacson review in the Sunday New York Times Isaacson is himself a wonderf

  3. Holden Holden says:

    Read and thoroughly enjoyed Packer s The Unwinding a few years ago He is a brilliant prose stylist and incisive analyst, creating books where the pages snap, crackle and flip themselves In The Unwinding he even does a convincing takedown of the myth of good ol workin cla

  4. Dawn Forsythe Dawn Forsythe says:

    I ve been reading political biographies since my college days 40 years ago , and I can honestly say that this is one of the best I ve read Not only does Packer have an easy to read conversational writing style, but his insights are intriguing Packer gives us a brilliant Richard Ho

  5. Terri Terri says:

    I believe Richard Holbrooke might have loved this book.It contains the balance of telling detail and strategic insight that he would have wanted us to learn about.To the extent that we can learn from his life, I think he would have considered himself a success, not a failure I thus tend to

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