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Oona Out of Order Just Because Life May Be Out Of Order, Doesn T Mean It S BrokenIt S New Year S Eve , And Oona Lockhart Has Her Whole Life Before Her At The Stroke Of Midnight She Will Turn Nineteen, And The Year Ahead Promises To Be One Of Consequence Should She Go To London To Study Economics, Or Remain At Home In Brooklyn To Pursue Her Passion For Music And Be With Her Boyfriend As The Countdown To The New Year Begins, Oona Faints And Awakens Thirty Two Years In The Future In Her Fifty One Year Old Body Greeted By A Friendly Stranger In A Beautiful House She S Told Is Her Own, Oona Learns That With Each Passing Year She Will Leap To Another Age At Random And So Begins Oona Out Of Order Hopping Through Decades, Pop Culture Fads, And Much Needed Stock Tips, Oona Is Still A Young Woman On The Inside But Ever Changing On The Outside Who Will She Be Next Year Philanthropist Club Kid World Traveler Wife To A Man She S Never Met Oona Out Of Order Is A Remarkably Inventive Novel That Explores What It Means To Live A Life Fully In The Moment, Even If Those Moments Are Out Of Sequence Surprising, Magical, And Heart Wrenching, Monti Has Crafted An Unforgettable Story About The Burdens Of Time, The Endurance Of Love, And The Power Of Family

10 thoughts on “Oona Out of Order

  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Oh boy, WTH I just finished My head should stop spinning What s that smell Did I burn the dinner again Oh, no I haven t cooked anything for 2 years There is an alarm sensing my footsteps as I take only one step in the kitchen So it can t be What a minute This is coming from my brain cells They re burning I overused them What a mind bending, innovative, u

  2. Ema Ema says:

    ACK ACK ACK ACK ACKTHIS IS THE BEST BOOK I VE READ ALL YEAR one of three, at least I have only said this about three books and it s almost October, so Take me with a grain of salt, but ONLY ONE grain of salt because I m TELLING you, this BOOK This is very high concept, and I m a huge sucker for high concept, especially ones like this I, once again, did not read th

  3. amanda amanda says:

    Somebody once asked me that if I had the chance would I ever change my past The good, the bad, the downright painful I thought about it, really thought because a lot has happened and I ve been through a lot but truthfully I don t think I would change anything I am who I am because my experiences have made me who I am and although life is terrible at times and now it doesn t

  4. Kim Richardson Kim Richardson says:

    This is a fascinating and beautifully crafted tale which explores identity and relationships in one woman s unpredictable and radically changing world Unputdownable and uplifting, I adored Oona Out of Order

  5. Cari Cari says:

    I was fortunate to receive a very early copy of this novel from Flatiron Books Out in February 2020 I absolutely loved this book the story of Oona, a woman who wakes up on her birthday every year and finds herself in a different part of her life As she flies back and forth in time, she discovers her life well, out of order It s a fascinating puzzle, a feeling I haven t had since The Time Trave

  6. Margo Margo says:

    What a great book I made my daughter wait to eat dinner so I could finish 3

  7. Nicole Meyer Nicole Meyer says:

    I initially gave this 4 stars, but changed it to 5 after I couldn t stop thinking about it At the stroke of midnight on each New Year s, which is also Oona s birthday, she starts a new year, but not like everybody else She leaps to different ages, but not in chronological order This is a really unique concept for me, and I don t think I ve ever read something quite like it Since you are learning about Oona s life

  8. Susie Wang Susie Wang says:

    Just got the manuscript today, and read the begining.It s super promising I m so excited to read the rest.

  9. Lolly K Dandeneau Lolly K Dandeneau says:

    via my blog Each year her body was hers, but her mind was out of sync with her reflection Always playing catch up, trying to rearrange the scrambled pieces of her life Oona Lockhart is out of order, at least according to the timeline of her entire life It begins at a party in Brooklyn on New Year s Eve, on the precipice of turning nineteen and making a big decision that is guaranteed to alter her future She is struggling with her he

  10. Nicholl M Nicholl M says:

    I received Oona Out of Order as an ARC from Flat Iron Books and I am overwhelmingly pleased to give my honest review of this book.Oona, at 18, has two life paths laid before her She isn t sure what she will do As it turns out, Oona doesn t get to choose Time, acting as an entity, changes everything and challenges Oona to embrace life in a non linear, heart breaking and awe inspiring way.You ever look back at yourself from 10 years ago and thi

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