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On Wings of Eagles On Wings of Eagles is the thrilling novel based on the incredible real life rescue of two Americans by a Green Beret colonel and a group of corporate executives from revolutionary Iran, from number one bestseller Ken FollettA Terrifying PrisonAs Iran descends into revolution, two Americans get caught up in the upheaval They are captured and held in a heavily guarded fortress Their situation is desperate, with the US government refusing to get them out But all hope is not lostA Daring RescueThis is the fictionalised real life story of a Green Beret colonel, who came out of retirement to lead a secret raid the computer executives, shaped into a crack commando team and the Texas industrialist, Ross Perot, who would not abandon two Americans in an Iranian jailA Dangerous EscapeBreaking the prisoners out is only the beginning of the mission In order to get to the safety of the Turkish border, they must make a treacherous overland journey whilst avoiding an enemy that is closing in

12 thoughts on “On Wings of Eagles

  1. GSPhoney GSPhoney says:

    If have been to Iran and love the coutnry To understand the revolution of 1979 one must understand the history of Iran beeing occupied and ruled by foreign countries since the 19hrds I recommende Eskandar as a read This book is written ou

  2. Reimer Wiepcke Reimer Wiepcke says:

    Wenn man englisch lernen oder auffrischen m chte, kann ich dieses Buch nur empfehlen Habe in kurzer Zeit erheblich mein Engllisch verbessert

  3. A. Regenauer A. Regenauer says:

    Interesting story But not the usual Ken Follet style, but legions of pages with boring CVs of the acting persons, who are connected to other persons, whose lengty CVs are again described Far from being a page turner, better for falling asleep Sor

  4. KW Losekamp KW Losekamp says:

    Manchmal hatte das Buch L ngen, aber ich habe es gerne gelesen.

  5. Johannes Johannes says:

    While I really like Ken Folletts writing, in this book he was not at its best.Lenghty, trying to add suspense when there isn t.The story itself is remarkable, but using half the number of pages would have done.

  6. Koen Meijerink Koen Meijerink says:

    Avontuurlijke reis over heldendaden en broederschap.

  7. A. A. says:

    Ken Follett est le meilleur auteur que j ai pu lire je suis une fan inconditionelle de toute son oeuvre

  8. sadovidsporn.co Kunde sadovidsporn.co Kunde says:


  9. R. D. Mayles R. D. Mayles says:

    I was so looking forward to reading this true story I love this author and thought he would do justice to this famous event in history.Well it turned out to be a dull endless list and explanation of who was who The action sequences were as exciting as an episode of Post

  10. reefworld reefworld says:

    After reading his other books and just finishing magpies which is a superb book I was looking forward to reading this new adventure,slow to start,lots of unnecessary details about characters and spouses,I kept hoping it would start to move on,it doesn t It drags on and on a

  11. The Book Hound The Book Hound says:

    I couldn t put this book down Ken Follett was asked by Ross Perot, via his agent, if he would write this tale of the rescue of two of Perot s employees imprisoned in Iran at the start of the revolution in that country Follett had already written four spy stories and was looking

  12. Alastair Alastair says:

    This is a totally remarkable book, about which I am completely conflicted At first it appears to verge on a hagiography of Ross Perot, a wildly successful business tycoon, ascribing to him noble motives and dynamic actions Without pausing for breath it then becomes an account of ho

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