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I did not know of Larry Brown until I saw the film Big Bad Love, based on one of his stories I wasn t crazy about the film but was fascinated by the imagination it emerged from, and gave one of his books a try For starters, I read his memoir On Fire, about his years as an Oxford, Mississippi, fireman I thought it would be about fighting fires, responding to emergencies, and what goes on in the firehouse in between I expected some reflection on the world of firemen, which I understand to be a social order of its own, like policemen.There is all of that and considerably in this wonderful collection of short essays, many of them dashed off during those off hours in the firehouse, often recounting an experience Brown and his compatriots just had, rescuing someone trapped in a smashed car, putting out a fire, or just screwing around You learn something of the process of firefighting as Brown reconstructs the events of several fires, including one in the top floor of a building at Ole Miss He explains how they use the Jaws of Life You learn about the daily routines of checking equipment for readiness, as well as continual training in CPR and different kinds of fires.But much in the book is unexpected There are pieces about dogs, hunting, lost kittens, cookouts, practical jokes, watching hawks, petty thefts, driving, drinking beer, and S and V on HBO Essays that will stay in my memory include his account of a trip to New York to appear on the Today show when one of his books is published and learning while he s there that his wife and son have been hurt in a car accident, then discovering when he finds out they are OK that his dog Sam has died The mental image of him crying in the airport is vivid and moving.On a hilarious note is an account of a long day s drive to a training exercise in the Delta, where they arrive late and drunk On a literary note, there s his account of setting up a hose to provide fake rain for a documentary film at William Faulkner s home, just down the road from the firehouse His reflections on Faulkner sitting in the house and writing novels are full of awe and respect for a giant of letters, a giant who had a cup of coffee every night at a local restaurant where he always left a dime tip for the waitress.If you ve read or you re thinking of reading Brown s fiction, I recommend this book It s a wonderful introduction to the man and his world, and you get a sense of the raw material that feeds his imagination. This is a guy who wrote with the voice of America I wish he d lived a good, long life so that we might enjoy what wisdom that his aging would have brought I cannot believe that Larry Brown isn t taught in schools with Twain and other American greats His writings are a national treasure and I wish there were many of them Start reading his books the voice is addictive and his books are so unlike one another you ll never be bored. I bought this because of an NPR feature They pitched it as a man s man book and said that Larry Brown was one of the best American writers After reading it, I think both of those assessments are wrong The best parts were those describing the work of a firefightertoo bad there are so few of those in the book. There are moments when this book absolutely soars When Larry Brown writes of his experiences a firefighter I was mesmerized But the book comes to earth far too many times for me to overwhelmingly recommend it He can set the scene, though, and describe characters and emotions with great style Well worth the time for when he hits the high notes. Brown, Author Of The Award Winning Working Class Novel Joe , Here Gives Nonfiction A Try With A Memoir Of His Fire Fighting Days In His Hometown Of Oxford, Mississippi Most Of A Firefighter S Hour Day Is Spent Killing Time Cooking, Watching Dirty Movies, Doing Routine Equipment Maintenance, And Sleeping Brown Catches The Lazy, Good Old Boy Camaraderie Of The Firehouse Perfectly With Somewhat Less Success, He Also Reflects On How He Spends His Hours Off Fishing, Drinking, Hunting, And Playing With His Kids Such Tales Are Charming But Sound A Minor Key When Placed Alongside The Account Of A Fire At Ole Miss Law School, In Which Brown Captures Precisely The Adrenaline Rush, Fear, And Exhaustion Beyond Reasoning That A Big Fire Evokes In Firefighters Brown S Compassionate Rendering Of Ambulance Runs, Where He Uses The Hydraulic Hurst Tool To Break Through Smashed Vehicles And Reach Trapped Victims, Is The Best Writing Here, However Brown Portrays Himself Modestly, Not As A Hero Risking His Life, But Simply As A Professional With A Job To Do Brown S Work Schedule Is Too Loose A Means Of Organization, But His Individual Essays Are Witty, Reverent, And Moving John MortBrown Brings To His First Work Of Nonfiction The Same No Nonsense Style That Makes His Novels And Short Stories Big Bad Love Etc So Powerful And Intense This Episodic Memoir Of His Life As A Firefighter Is Also A Testament To Family, Courage, And Hard Work, And Brown Isn T Afraid To Risk Being Sappy, Albeit In A Manly Way A Self Taught Writer, Brown Supported Himself And His Family For Years As A Fireman In His Hometown Of Oxford, Mississippi A Veteran Of The Marines, He Found The Same Brotherhood In The Station House, And Also A Similar Test Of Muscle, Brain, And Heart A Firefighter Can Be A Prick, A Thief, A Liar, But He Can T Be A Coward Each Fire Has To Be Faced And Defeated, And You Never Forget Death And Pain, Or Fear Brown Sings The Praises Of His Tools The Beauty Of Knots, Hoses, And Sirens He Inventories The Back Rooms, And Re Creates The Boredom Of Waiting As Well As The Pleasures Of Cooking For The Boys And Watching Sex And Violence On The VCR But Nothing Beats The Adrenaline Rush Of A Call, Whether To A Burning Building Or A Car Wreck Both Require A Reflex Like Response, And The Joy Of Saving Lives Cannot Be Equalled Interspersed Throughout The Rambling Narrative Are Anecdotes From Brown S Life His Guilt Over Killing A Mouse His Early Joy In Hunting And Fishing His Love For His Family And His Squirrel Dog The Funny Tale Of His Temporary Separation From His Wife Has All The Hard Luck Pathos Of The Author S Best Short Stories Brown Confesses To Drinking Too Much And To Being Otherwise Content With His Life Yet He Reluctantly Abandoned Firefighting To Become A Full Time Writer And He S Done Extraordinarily Well At It Since A Remarkable Addition To The Literature Of Work This May Not Be The First Book By A Fireman But It S One Of The Best First Printing Of , Copyright , Kirkus Associates, LP All Rights Reserved When Larry Brown tells these heroic stories you are with him in the firehouse, the fire truck, and at the scene with the jaws of life saving a wrecked motorist it s the book you keep telling yourself you could write, but cant. On Fire (English Edition)

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