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Of Curses and Kisses From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of When Dimple Met Rishi Comes The First Novel In A Brand New Series Set At An Elite International Boarding School, That S A Contemporary Spin On Beauty And The BeastWill The Princess Save The Beast For Princess Jaya Rao, Nothing Is Important Than Family When The Loathsome Emerson Clan Steps Up Their Centuries Old Feud To Target Jaya S Little Sister, Nothing Will Keep Jaya From Exacting Her Revenge Then Jaya Finds Out She Ll Be Attending The Same Elite Boarding School As Grey Emerson, And It Feels Like The Opportunity Of A Lifetime She Knows What She Must Do Make Grey Fall In Love With Her And Break His Heart But Much To Jaya S Annoyance, Grey S Brooding Demeanor And Lupine Blue Eyes Have Drawn Her In There S Simply No Way She And Her Sworn Enemy Could Find Their Fairy Tale Ending Right His Lordship Grey Emerson Is A Misanthrope Thanks To An Ancient Curse By A Rao Matriarch, Grey Knows He S Doomed Once He Turns Eighteen Sequestered Away In The Mountains At St Rosetta S International Academy, He S Lived An Isolated Existence Until Jaya Rao Bursts Into His Life, But He Can T Shake The Feeling That She S Hiding Something Something That Might Just Have To Do With The Rose Shaped Ruby Pendant Around Her Neck As The Stars Conspire To Keep Them Apart, Jaya And Grey Grapple With Questions Of Love, Loyalty, And Whether It S Possible To Write Your Own Happy Ending I received an ARC from Simon Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review.What an absolute delight This book was the first of many books that really gripped me, pulling me into the intricate world of Princess Jaya and Grey Emerson, two characters fated to hate each other because of a century old fight After learning from resources that Grey was responsible for Princess Jaya s little sister s slander in the media, she enrolls herself into Grey s private boarding school in hopes of making him fall in love with her, only for her to break his heart in the end The feud isn t just over a missing ruby and shame brought upon Jaya s family but also an ancient curse said to have been casted on the Emerson clan Grey has lived his entire life in fear due to his father who always told him he was doomed when he would turn eighteen years old Due to this, Grey has never thought his life could be possible after eighteen He hid himself away, pushing away people who wanted to be his friends, and never allowed himself to fall in love There s something about a book when it takes place in a remote country and in a school that is far, far, far away from civilization It s not a fantasy but when you add filthy rich spoiled characters into the mix, it does make you feel like you re living in a make believe world I absolutely adored the hate to love romance between Jaya and Grey Grey was so cold but his friendship with Jaya warmed him It was so beautiful to read.The only issue I have with this book is that the ending was rushed Standing at almost 400 pages, I didn t think it would be an issue to pace out the problem that would stop them from being together but Sandhya disappointed me when everything seemed to happen all at once and be resolved all at once It was a slow burn romance with a snap ending that left me with whip lash I had to dock a star off But other than that, I highly recommend for you to read this one i had to look up misanthrope according to google, a misanthrope is a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society honestly, who here can honestly say this doesn t describe them on monday mornings before coffee Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram Some mornings you wake up to the best virtual book mail a girl could dream of A diverse retelling of Beauty and the Beast Set at a boarding school HereForItMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley. Why I am excited about this book Retelling of Beauty The Beast with an Indian MC interracial couple themes of colonialism set in a boarding school say what I want an ARC so badly, sigh.

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