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Not Working: Where Have All the Good Jobs Gone? (English Edition) In This Thought Provoking Study Of The Functioning And Malfunctioning Of The Labor Market, David Blanchflower Presents A Powerful Analysis Of One Of The Most Important Issues Facing Our Society Today The Quest For Good Jobs This Is A Book That Will Be Of Interest To Economists And Policymakers Around The World Mohamed A El Erian, Author Of The Only Game In Town Central Banks, Instability, And Avoiding The Next CollapseThis Is Economics As It Should Be Crystal Clear, Persuasively Argued, And Enlightening On The Big Question Of Our Age, Namely Why So Many People Feel The Economy Does Not Work For Them Even Though Unemployment Is So Low If You Care About How To Fix The Mess In The Rich West, Blanchflower S Not Working Is For You Robert Peston, Political Editor, ITV NewsFacts Are Stubborn Things, Even In Economics Sometimes It Takes A Stubborn Principled Economist To Get The Facts Through The Thick Head Of The Economics Profession And Policymakers Thankfully, David Blanchflower Is Just Such A Stubborn Principled Economist, And Not Working Should Finally Drive Home The Realities Of Today S Labor Markets To The Public And The Officials Who Serve Them The Research By Blanchflower Underlying Not Working Was First Provocative, Then Prescient, And Now Is Pressing For Policymakers Also Thankfully, Blanchflower Makes The Case Crystal Clear Adam S Posen, President, Peterson Institute For International Economics, And External Member Of The Monetary Policy Committee Of The Bank Of England, David Blanchflower Is Superlative At Piecing Together The Big Picture A Sobering One From An Immense Amount Of Data, Both Statistical And Commonsensical We Need To Heed The Book S Urgent Message About Another Impending Crisis Nouriel Roubini, Coauthor Of Crisis Economics A Crash Course In The Future Of FinanceDavid Blanchflower, A Leading Labor Economist, Delivers Two Trenchant Messages In This Incisive Book To Economists He Says Look And See, Not See And Look Had They Looked At The Numbers And Not Stuck To Their Theories, They Would Have Seen That A Big Collapse Was Coming In His Message To Policymakers Is Look At Underemployment, Not The Headline Unemployment Figures, To See The Slack In The Economy Underemployment People Working Less Than They Want To Explains Why, Contrary To All Past Experience, Wage Inflation Has Not Taken Off With The Recovery Of Full Employment A Wake Up Call To Both Economists And Policymakers Robert Skidelsky, University Of Warwick, Author Of John Maynard Keynes And Money And Government Blanchflower Makes A Strong Case Should Jeremy Corbyn Reach Downing Street, He Should Ring Dartmouth I Can T Think Of A Better Choice For Bank Of England Governor Than David Blanchflower Howard Reed, Prospect MagazineBlanchflower Convincingly Demonstrates That Behind The Boasts Of High Employment Lies The Phenomenon Of Widespread Underemployment, With Many People Working Less Than They Want To, Or In Jobs Way Beneath Their Qualifications William Keegan, The ObserverIt Is The Most Anticipated Economic Book Tom Keene, Bloomberg SurveillanceThe Most Interesting Parts Of The Book Are The Ones That Attempt To Draw A Link Between Underemployment, Hopelessness, And Support For Radical Right Wing Politicians Blanchflower S Main Message That Western Economies Are In Dire Straits Unless They Take Radical Measures Is A Welcome Corrective To The Idea That Low Unemployment Numbers Indicate Rude Economic Health As Global Growth Weakens And The World Gets Used To What Looks Like A Protracted Trade War Between The US And China, The Question Of The Lack Of Good Jobs Is Not Going Away Sharon Lam, Reuters BreakingviewsWide Ranging And Impeccably Researched Not Working Is An Excellent Critique Of Mainstream Economics That Explains Why Many Advanced Economies Labour Markets Aren T Working In Doing So, It Identifies A Number Of Deep Seated Flaws In Modern Capitalism Grace Blakeley, New StatesmanA Candid Assessment Of Why The Job Market Is Not As Healthy As We ThinkDon T Trust Low Unemployment Numbers As Proof That The Labor Market Is Doing Fineit Isn T Not Working Is About Those Who Cant Find Full Time Work At A Decent Wagethe Underemployedand How Their Plight Is Contributing To Widespread Despair, A Worsening Drug Epidemic, And The Unchecked Rise Of Right Wing PopulismIn This Revelatory And Outspoken Book, David Blanchflower Draws On His Acclaimed Work In The Economics Of Labor And Well Being To Explain Why Today S Postrecession Economy Is Vastly Different From What Came Before He Calls Out Our Leaders And Policymakers For Failing To See The Great Recession Coming, And For Their Continued Failure To Address One Of The Most Unacknowledged Social Catastrophes Of Our Time Blanchflower Shows How Many Workers Are Underemployed Or Have Simply Given Up Trying To Find A Well Paying Job, How Wage Growth Has Not Returned To Prerecession Levels Despite Rosy Employment Indicators, And How General Prosperity Has Not Returned Since The Crash Of Standard Economic Measures Are Often Blind To These Forgotten Workers, Which Is Why Blanchflower Practices The Economics Of Walking Aboutseeing For Himself How Ordinary People Are Faring Under The Recovery, And Taking Seriously What They Say And Do Not Working Is His Candid Report On How The Young And The Less Skilled Are Among The Worst Casualties Of Underemployment, How Immigrants Are Taking The Blame, And How The Epidemic Of Unhappiness And Self Destruction Will Continue To Spread Unless We Deal With It Underemployment has not returned to re 2008 recession levels Real U.S weekly wages as of 2 19 were about 9% below those in 1973 for private sector and non supervisory personnel in 1982 84 dollars The fact that wages are not going up is indicative that full employment is yet a far away dream.Brexit is largely a reaction to the wave of immigrants especially Syrians , combined with the recent large influx into the labor market of Europeans formerly behind the Iron Curtain especially Poles after 2004.The BLS unemployment rate in 1 2009 was 7.8%, 4.6% in 12 16 before Trump The non response rate for questions about wages was 38% in 2018, 40% in 2008, and 23% in 1995 thus, that measure has become less reliable.The U.S labor market participation rate peaked at 67% in January 2000, now down to 63% To restore the unemployment rate to pre recession levels would require 7 million jobs.In 2014, 18 34 year olds were likely to be living at home than not, the first time in 140 years Average real annual wages changes in the U.S were 1.5% during 2000 07, 0.7% 2008 16.Real weekly U.S take home earnings production and non supervisory workers in 1982 84 dollars was less than 1972 levels 341.36 in 72, 311.80 in April 18, though up 8.4% since the beginning of 2008 when the Great Recession began. danny is smart and honest Was there ever a labour market in the Western world that was brimming with good jobs Not sure But the title here certainly smacks of a totally misplaced nostalgia for times we never had.Now, Professor Blanchflower s heart beats in the right place and the policy recommendations assaulting deprivation and enforced idleness in the USA and the UK are good clean Keynesian fare It s just a pity that they are crammed into the last few pages of an over long and often turgidly composed book DB knows his labour market theory and practice inside out but subjects his reader here to endless proofs, citations, footnotes, references to academic papers frequently his own , vox pops and plain old padding with the result that the text becomes molasses before your very eyes Do we really need to be told that one study of CEO behaviour found that there is no relation between golf handicap and corporate performance Had we all previously thought that there must be Trop de proof tue la proof, you might say.DB flaunts his preference for the economics of walking about It s hard to know exactly what this means but the suspicion grows that it has something to do with clever people sensing macro economic change merely by talking to taxi drivers or noticing that sales of laxative are possibly increasing Easy to conclude that there is the most dispiriting anti intellectualism at work here To my knowledge, no trends or forecasting agency encourages staff to depend on hunch or casual sniff There are good reasons for this the clients would sack them.As for DB s assault on the deficiencies of conventional macro economic practice macroeconomic theory has proved itself to be largely irrelevant and the earlessness of so many economists as the Great Recession began to howl well, it s all serviceable enough But we read it all once many years ago in Paul Ormerod s The Death of Economics and recently and colourfully in Kate Raworth s Doughnut Economics.Economics brings down a lot of sado masochism on itself these days and much of this is ultimately unhelpful Besides, if you are a university professor and a sometime Member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, then is it really decorous to complain about the failure of elites to get economic policy right Perhaps not Pluck out the beam and all that Taking a huge verbal selfie of the man who really did get things right is not a good look.More, economic analysis is seriously evolving Why so little here about the anti growth movement, popular in so much of academic life now, and its potentially colossal impact on the chances for Keynesian expansionism So little about people replacement, courtesy of AI robotics big data, in retailing, financial services, security, manufacturing traditionally the big employing beasts of capitalism So little on how to fund social welfare programmes when if the taxable capacity of the state contracts So little on globalisation and its consequence for reflationary measures taken in any single state Lot of dogs not barking at the elephants in the room here.DB is right about one thing The human costs of post 2008 austerity have been too high, too unnecessarily high It s good that he raises a flag for all those that have been victimised by no fault of their own But it s an old flag and a tired one.

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