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Nine Days One family Nine momentous days An unforgettable novel of love and folly and heartbreakIt isand Australia is about to go to war Deep in the workingclass Melbourne suburb of Richmond it is business—your own and everyone else's—as usual And young Kip Westaway, failed scholar and stablehand, is living the most important day of his lifeAmbitious in scope and structure, triumphantly realised, this is a novel about one family and every family It is about dreams and fights and sacrifices And finally, of course, it is—as it must be—about loveToni Jordan has a BSc in physiology and qualifications in marketing and professional writing Her debut novel, Addition, has been published in sixteen countries and won numerous awards Jordan lives in Melbourne, Australia

About the Author: Toni Jordan

Toni was born in Brisbane in 1966 She loved reading and writing at primary school (Seven Hills State School) but by high school (Lourdes Hill College) had become a science nerd After leaving school, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at the University of Queensland, which she completed part time after almost failing due to a preoccupation with chasing boys.She has worked as a research assista

10 thoughts on “Nine Days

  1. Andrea Andrea says:

    I honestly don't understand why this has been languishing on my bookshelf for such a long time. Perhaps because I thought it was going to be a slightly different kind of book? Whatever the reason, I'm so glad I've now read it, and been able to add it straight to my Favorites shelf.


  2. Marianne Marianne says:

    Nine Days is the third novel by Australian author Toni Jordan and was inspired by a photograph from the State Library of Victoria’s Argus newspaper collection of war photographs. Starting in pre-war suburban Melbourne, it tells the story of the working-class Westaway family over the following seventy

  3. Dale Harcombe Dale Harcombe says:

    Nine Days

    Toni Jordan

    Text Publishing


    RRP $29.99 AUD

    I found it very hard to rate this book out of five stars, and ended up coming down somewhere between three and four stars, probably edging closer to four than three, so four it is. As a w

  4. ☼♄Jülie  ☼♄Jülie  says:

    Nine Days by Toni Jordan

    It is 1939 in Richmond, a working class suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
    Men and boys are enlisting to go to war and the general mood is restlessness in this neighborhood where everybody knows each others' business and a certain class distinction is tacitly determined by how far

  5. MaryG2E MaryG2E says:

    4.5 ★ s
    I particularly like the structure of this novel, though at first it challenged my concentration due to its non-linear, multiple perspective approach. Nine days = nine chapters, each chapter voiced by a different person. What might sound confusing actually works in an elegant way, which I think is testament to th

  6. Lisa Walker Lisa Walker says:

    ‘Nine Days’ is a departure from romantic comedy for Toni Jordan, whose two previous novels ‘Addition’ and ‘Fall Girl’, I both read and loved. ‘Nine Days’ was inspired by the photograph on the cover, which was taken during World War Two, and shows a young woman farewelling a soldier on a train station. Around this image

  7. Elaine Elaine says:

    Alec,you must know this. People disappear. They just go puff.Thin air. Every time you see someone, you never know if you're seeing them for the last time. Drink them in, Alec. Kiss them. It's very important. Never let anyone say good bye, even for a little while, without kissing them. Quite a way into this book, which I must admit was a slow

  8. Russell Russell says:

    A surprising book, an appealing story, and an introduction to an author I will be reading again. I loved the central device: nine characters each describing (in first person) a pivotal day, a day that completely changed their lives. The days are not presented in order, and that makes it a bit of a puzzle: I like the way each chapter (day) is named fo

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    I was delighted to discover this new book from Toni Jordan because it’s a departure from her two previous romantic comedies, signalling that Jordan is an author who’s interested in experimenting with different styles of writing. I enjoyed both the Miles Franklin shortlisted Addition and Fall Girl (see my review) but Nine Days is historical fiction with c

  10. Natasha Lester Natasha Lester says:

    I loved this book. Jordan has such a talent for writing a book that is easy to read - I read this in just a few days - but one that is still intellectually stimulating and that contains some beautiful writing. When I began reading, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it - the book is told from the perspectives of nine different people and I had trouble engaging wit

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