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Nicholas Nickleby (Classics Illustrated, Band 32) After the death of his father, Nicholas Nickleby becomes a schoolteacher in a boys school in Yorkshire to support his family There he sees injustices and cruelty and stands up to the schoolmasters to right these wrongs Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, offering an excellent introduction for younger readers This edition also includes theme discussions and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom and at home to further engage the reader in the storyThe Classics Illustrated comic book series began inwith its first issue, Alexandre Dumas The Three Musketeers , and has since included overclassic tales released around the world This edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young readers with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older readers who have loving memories of this series of old Am now a third of the way through my Nicholas Nickleby and am thjoroughly enjoying it Fab At 29 CD s there are hours of listening pleasure. The one book I received is good, but I wonder why the offer comprises 5 books The Boxed Set This the point with Marketplace that sometimes what you get is not the same as what you bought. I just love Dickens There is so much of human life in his novels which has not dated over the decades since he laid down his pen Quill The same problems face us today as in the 19th century because we are living, sentient beings with the same loves, detestations, ambitions, loyalties, etc Reading a novel by Dickens is a rewarding but not always an easy experience, though it is comforting to have a tolerably happy ending I cannot help feeling a spark of compassion for the uncle, Ralph Nickleby, though he is one of the villains, and Squeers gets what he deserves.One of the saddest episodes is when the boys are released from their prison like school to freedom but as some of them have nowhere to go they end up destitute and, in some cases, die from cold and malnutrition Nicholas himself matures over the period covered by the novel from niaive young man who is forced to make personal sacrifices to one who is well grounded and very likeable He is everything that his uncle hated in his own younger brother and loathes poor Nicholas on sight Mrs Nicholby well, we have all met women like Mrs N One of my favourite extracts would have to be when Nicholas goes for a job interview for an MP s secretary nothing changes This has obviously been written by Dickens to get across his point about the hypocrisy of politicians as the character only appears on this one occasion to demonstrate how poorly they represent the ordinary man in the street Yes, a very long book but I could hardly put it down even though I have read it many years ago Which Dickens shall I read next This is one of my favourite Dickens books and I have read it and seen it in various formats over the years I have several other audiobooks narrated by Anton Lesser and for me his is the best in his field He has a tremendous ability to capture the atmosphere of a story with a range of voices that I have not encountered with other readers and the pace of his readng is spot on.I also felt the price offered through Naxos Direct was very good for such a work.

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