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Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection The Neon Genesis Evangelion television series revolutionized Japanese anime with its incredible animation, sophisticated storytelling, and dynamic mecha designs This book is an archive of design sketches created for thetelevision series, as well as thetheatrical release Included are draft artwork of characters, mecha, weapons, vehicles, interior and exterior locations, and , all supported by the original artists detailed design notes Thispage tome is a must have for any fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, animation production, and character design

13 thoughts on “Neon Genesis Evangelion: TV Animation Production Art Collection

  1. Thomas Thomas says:

    Wenn man die Serie mag und sich f r die Designs interessiert, ist dieses Buch sehr zu empfehlen.

  2. BM BM says:

    This book is both interesting and useful for fans of the classic anime and those with an interest in art and the animation process It contains sketches of characters, the Evas, the angels and environments, down to the smallest details that the viewer would not even see in the anime.Bear in mind, there are NO colour images in this book The sketches, some of which are very rough, were meant as visual aid

  3. Joe Draghi Joe Draghi says:

    After months of waiting, this book has constantly been pushed back with its dates when it suddenly became unavailable on Finally, it has arrived today and it was worth the wait The quality in this book is incredible, just seeing loads of production art on the original Evangelion TV series along with the first two movies like Evangelion Death Rebirth and The End of Evangelion It is really perfect for me to

  4. Mari TWC Mari TWC says:

    Nossa, esse livro sensacional um livro que s tem sketches de TUDO do anime Sketches originais com as anota es em japon s com tradu o pro ingl s em notas de como planejaram tudo Tem todos os personagens, os EVAs, anjos, armas, trajes, ve culos, equipamentos, como tudo funciona Pra quem ama desenhar e curte anatomia e perspectivas, funcionalidades Prato cheio Impressionante observar os detalhes e preciosismo dos

  5. M00t M00t says:

    Absolutely wonderful As an artist, I collect many kind of illustration and animation books This book contains very detailed character sheets and sketches I would recommend this to any avid Evangelion fan.

  6. elaine b 41 elaine b 41 says:

    My son loved it

  7. Efrén Sandoval Efrén Sandoval says:

    Excelente libro con mucho arte referente a la producci n de la serie Tiene muchos detalles interesantes sobre objetos, lugares, veh culos y claro, personajes y angeles.Cabe mencionar que NO es un libro de arte con ilustraciones a color, sino que son dibujos de dise o elaborados a BLANCO Y NEGRO Y aunque el papel es delgado, se entiende por lo alto que serian los costos con un papel de mayosr grosorEs una compra obligada s

  8. Adicto a las compras Adicto a las compras says:

    Excelente material gr fico, muy completo, mi nica queja es con respecto a la calidad del material con que est fabricado este libro, ya que las hojas de papel son muy delgadas por lo que se ve puede ver lo impreso al reverso de cada hoja, lo cual resulta muy molesto.

  9. Handel Handel says:

    I have quite a few art of books for animated films, but sometimes, I want to take a look at character sheets In most art of books, character sheets usually only take up a tiny fraction of the book However, in the case of the Evangelion TV Animation Production Art Collection, character eva angel designs make up most of the book I d love to see art of books like this Some people have complained that there were no full colour illus

  10. Nestor Nestor says:

    Libro muy completo, posee gran cantidad de dise os de personaje, mechas, armas, escenarios y objetos cotidianos dentro del anim Por que le doy 4 estrellas y no cinco La calidad de las hojas del libro no es buena, tienen poco gramaje y se transparenta una p gina con la otra Adem s, todas las ilustraciones que posee son en blanco y negro, sin ning n arte final a color, que en verdad de echan de menos.Pero a pesar de ello considero el l

  11. Denis M. Denis M. says:

    One of the best art books I got for myself Every pages is filled with drawings and side notes of every character, place, angel and EVA.My only issue, is the day after I opened it, the book and the pages started warping Idk if it s because the pages are thin, or it s due to humidity or something, but it s super annoying to deal with, specially if I wanna preserve this book for as long as possible.Should I refund and get another one

  12. Gil Gil says:

    Es un compendio muy grande de bocetos y dise o de producci n de la serie, es 80% imagen y 20% informaci n, pero creo que es muy interesante para las personas que gustan saber todos los peque os detalles de la serie.

  13. luca bassi luca bassi says:

    Ampia collezione di bozzetti, schemi, inquadrature relative alla serie e al film NON un artbook di illustrazioni Ottimo acquisto

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