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Native Science In Native Science, Gregory Cajete Tells The Story Of Indigenous Science As A Way Of Understanding, Experiencing, And Feeling The Natural World He Points To Parallels And Differences Between The Indigenous Science And Western Science Paradigms, With Special Emphasis On Environmental Ecological Studies After Discussing Philosophical Foundations, Cajete Addresses Such Topics As History And Myth, Primal Elements, Social Ecology, Animals In Myth And Reality, Plants And Human Health, And Cosmology And AstronomyIn The Indigenous View, We Human Observers Are In No Way Separate From The World And Its Creatures And Forces Because All Creatures And Forces Are Related And Thus Bear Responsibility To And For One Another, All Are Co Creators Five Centuries Ago Europeans Arrived On The American Continent, But They Did Not Listen To The People Who Had Lived For Millennia In Spiritual And Physical Harmony With This Land In A Time Of Global Environmental Degradation, The Science And Worldview Of The Continent S First Peoples Offer Perspectives That Can Help Us Work Toward Solutions

10 thoughts on “Native Science

  1. Priyanka Priyanka says:

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in understanding the Indigenous philosophies behind creating and discovering knowledge Warning it s a freakin hard read very dense The writing style makes it less accessible If you c

  2. Mark Valentine Mark Valentine says:

    Use this book as an encyclopedia of Native thinking and ways Each chapter has a wealth of research and explanation concerning the Native mind as it relates to Nature I found the chapters on Natural Democracy, on the importance of storytelling My

  3. Allison6876 Allison6876 says:

    Read for AMIN 3301 interesting

  4. Jason Jason says:

    This book is fascinating Cajete does a great job helping us Westerners see science from a different perspective.

  5. Isaac Bishara Isaac Bishara says:

    An authentic re validation of indigenous sciencegreat literature for the conscientious deep ecologist

  6. Shamkablam Shamkablam says:

    Part of my research project on indigenous cosmovisions and sustainable ideologies noms

  7. Alex Alex says:

    Good argument against Western rationalism as the only legitimate science Sometimes goes a little overboard to discredit critics.

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