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Music From Standing Waves It’sand, growing up in a forgotten top corner of Australia, Abby’s life consists of backyard cricket, Nintendo and underwater wrestles with her best friend, Justin But when she hears a recording of a Dvorak violin concerto, Abby becomes determined to one day perform the piece in the concert halls Suddenly, music is everything and not even her blossoming relationship with Justin can pull Abby away from her goals At eighteen, she is given a chance at her dream: a place at the Melbourne Conservatorium But when she falls for charismatic composer Matt, Abby discovers love for a person can be as consuming as love for music Their passionate relationship has her questioning everything she thought she ever wanted Abby realises that to face the future, she must first confront the past; uncovering some uncomfortable truths about herself, her family and the passion that has shaped her life This beautifully written lyrical prose starts out with the protagonist Abby disembarking from a plane, arriving in Australia There’s a moment when she thinks of leaving her violin in the storage compartment lending an air of mystery Why would she want to do that and what happened to provoke it? A good start that grabs attention As the story progresses, characters are introduced: Justin her childhood BFF; Andrew her piano teacher; Andrew’s wife Hayley the glamour girl from a rich family, and NickAbby’s’ older brother, the parents, etc The writing is smooth sailing with metaphors and descriptions that resound on scenes that come alive Descriptions like, “Music gives love a voice then rips out its vocal cords and kicks them to the gutter,” not only lend to the richness of the writing but portend the story of what was, obviously something painful The pain is interjected in tiny samplings allowing the story to unfold in a gentle yet compelling way.The story continues in a sweet slow pace developing the characters and relationships with hints of what may come Abby’s performance at the High School and she proclaims she’s going to be a concert pianist A closer view at her parents, John her father and particularly her mother SarahMarie, reveals there is not much love lost between them with descriptions like their marriage of convenience had marriage vows that ended in a handshake Her mother vehemently protests Abby’s love for playing the violin for some unknown reason that the reader doesn’t find out about until the very last gutwrenching pages So convincing is the writing we ache for Abby when she yearns to get away, determined that her mother’s “colorless life” wouldn’t be hers As the mother’s resistance surfaces to Abby going away to study under aexperienced teacher, her relationship with Justin blossoms from a kiss, to a grazing of her breast, to the proclamation that he has become “her boyfriend.” As Abby ages things change not all for the good Her mother continues to protest her violin playing and when Abby has finally had enough she challenges her mother by playing to her in their kitchen The outcome is shocking and motivates Abby all the , to become a concert performer and leave The conflict is created and the story moves on with the tension rising More characters are introduced (Jess, the friend, and Clara, the snob, John the teacher, Brown dog, and Matt the love interest and from whom we learn and understand what the clever title of this book is all about, etc.); there are the good guys who support Abby and those creating barriers Will she overcome the barriers? What choice will she make about her future? And how will it all turn out? The reader will be asking these questions while turning the pages and… No spoilers here The ending is unexpected right till the last page Unexpected but satisfying with the reality of the writing.Reading this story is like reading a diary of a great grandmother I never met It is so familiar, inviting curiosity into something unfolding to give me an understanding of a person/persons I’ve never met but yet oddly enough really want to get to know The writing is endearing, and reminiscent of some of the classics (like George Elliot’s “The Mill on the Floss) A wellwritten prose that does not disappoint. I loved this gentle story of a young girl, who dreams about becoming a concert violinist and escaping her small town life This is very much a character driven story, following Abby as she moves to the big city, to follow her dreams by studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium against the wishes of her mother It is a story about a young girl growing up, her first boyfriends, challenges with her family, encountering the competitive world of the Conservatorium and all the accompanying emotions, which are conveyed through excellent writing If you happen to enjoy classical music then I suppose there is an extra appeal in the story but I gave up the violin after one year aged twelve and have no musical talent but still really enjoyed this book After finishing the book, I read the author's bio and wasn't surprised to discover the author had studied at the Conservatorium, as the descriptions of everything about Abby's time studying and playing seemed very authentic.The plot does have a few twists, which add to the interest but mostly it was Abby who kept me turning the pages, wanting to find out what would happen next A great read which will appeal to readers young and old! Music From Standing Waves is a very nice, touching, and feelgood novel that takes us on a journey through one unique girl’s life.Abby grew up in a small beach town in Australia, spending her childhood years alongside her best friend, Justin As they grow up, they realise that their interest in one another iscomplicated They have a good chance of starting a beautiful romance, but Justin simply isn’t as mature as Abby and a bit of a jerk Also, Abby has big plans for her future and thinks that her plans and dreams wouldn’t go hand in hand with Justin’s.I enjoyed reading this novel very much The story weaves in different faces of love being friendship, romance, and love between siblings I especially enjoyed the relationship between Abby and her brother Nick I thought her romantic feelings for Justin were very real and I was touched by it I liked how the author decided to approach that relationship, even in the end The story really follows Abby as she’s growing up, learning, maturing into a wise, strong woman Having never been in Australia, I was enticed by the settings I felt like I’m learning something new about places I’m not familiar with, but would like to visit one day.The novel managed to surprised me, as there were certain things I didn’t expect to happen And the fact that it wasn’t predictable was what I liked most about it I look forward to readbooks by this author in the future. I had this book recommended to me by a friend and really enjoyed it Even though I'm not a musician, I was really drawn into the story by the very realistic characters Great for a holiday read.

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