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Murder on the Ballarat Train When the s most glamorous lady detective, the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, arranges to go to Ballarat for the week, she eschews the excitement of her red Hispano Suiza racing car for the sedate safety of the train The last thing she expects is to have to use her trusty Beretta to save lives As the passengers sleep, they are poisoned with chloroformPhryne is left to piece together the clues after this restful country sojourn turns into the stuff of nightmares a young girl who can t remember anything, rumors of white slavery and black magic, and the body of an old woman missing her emerald rings Then there is the rowing team and the choristers, all deliciously engaging young men At first they seem like a pleasant diversion

About the Author: Kerry Greenwood

Kerry Greenwood was born in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray and after wandering far and wide, she returned to live there She has a degree in English and Law from Melbourne University and was admitted to the legal profession on the 1st April 1982, a day which she finds both soothing and significant.Kerry has written twenty novels, a number of plays, including The Troubadours with Stephen D Arcy, is an award winning children s writer and has edited and contributed to several anthologies In 1996 she published a book of essays on female murderers called Things She Loves Why women Kill.The Phryne Fisher series pronounced Fry knee, to rhyme with briny began in 1989 with Cocaine Blues which was a great success Kerry has written thirteen books in this series with no sign yet of Miss Fisher hanging up her pearl handled pistol Kerry says that as long as people want to read them, she can keep writing them.Kerry Greenwood has worked as a folk singer, factory hand, director, producer, translator, costume maker, cook and is currently a solicitor When she is not writing, she works as a locum solicitor for the Victorian Legal Aid She is also the unpaid curator of seven thousand books, three cats Attila, Belladonna and Ashe and a computer called Apple which squeaks She embroiders very well but cannot knit She has flown planes and leapt out of them with a parachute in an attempt to cure her fear of heights she is now terrified of jumping out of planes but can climb ladders without fear She can detect second hand bookshops from blocks away and is often found within them.For fun Kerry reads science fiction fantasy and detective stories She is not married, has no children and lives with a registered wizard When she is not doing any of the above she stares blankly out of the window.http www.earthlydelights.net.au

10 thoughts on “Murder on the Ballarat Train

  1. Mir Mir says:

    What this country 1920s Australia coming to these days A body can hardly take a train without being chloroformed or horrifically murdered or having molested orphans palmed off on her And it was such a short book, too When you subtract all the time spent talking about clothes and seducing the boring colle

  2. Alice Lippart Alice Lippart says:

    Great mysteries and great fun to read.

  3. Richard Derus Richard Derus says:

    Rating 2.5 of five for the book, 4 of five for the series.Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries episode 2 was Kerry Greenwood s third novel, MURDER ON THE BALLARAT TRAIN Four stars for the episode My review is at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud.These episodes, the series in generalsuch a treat So satisfyingly beautiful to look at

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    Murder On The Ballarat Train is book 3 in the Phryne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood In 1920 Private Detective Miss Phryne Fisher went on holiday to Ballarat Private Detective Miss Phryne Fisher decided to go by train hoping for a quiet and relaxing trip However, that did not happen someone tried to chloroform the passengers,

  5. Jammin Jenny Jammin Jenny says:

    I really enjoy the Phryne Fisher series and this one was great Started off on a train bound for Ballarat, where Phryne wakes up to being chloroformed and gets everyone off the train An old woman was murdered and a young girl who lost her memory is also found on the train Phryne takes in the girl to her own home, and is hired by the old

  6. Abbey Abbey says:

    BOTTOM LINE One of the best of this long series IMO, as we get to meet two people who are going to become very close to Phryne in the future Jane and Ruth Their introduction might have been pure melodrama, but Greenwood only very slowly spins out their odd stories, which resolve in a rather grisly albeit satisfactory manner Almost as contrived

  7. Nicky Nicky says:

    Another fun outing with Phryne This one ends with her adopting a couple of girls and goes through a bunch of stuff a crime on a train, hypnotism, murder for an inheritance, mad criminals, etc I m not a fan of stories where the criminal turns out to be insane, even though it s a classic most crime is carried out by sane people, or certainly people whos

  8. Andree Andree says:

    3.5 stars.The mystery is fun, right up until the murderer comes down with an overwhelming case of becoming a raving maniac when faced with capture by a woman no less.Bert and Cec are great Still getting used to Jack s slightly different role in the books.Really enjoy Jane and Ember.Slightly maternal Dot is great As is the fact that she is the one Phrynne real

  9. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Phryne and Dot are assaulted on a train by chloroform Luckily Phryne wakes up earlier and manages to open some windows to save most of the passengers Except one, that is Now who was the intended target of this heinous crime Its up to Phryne and her gang to uncover the mystery that haslayers than an onion Excellent book

  10. Beth Cato Beth Cato says:

    I am so conflicted as I write reviews of this series because they are such an odd case where the TV series is so much better That s especially true with Murder on the Ballarat Train In the book, the action leaves the train quite quickly, and it feels like a third of the book is about Phryne seducing a college boy Many of the plot elements remain the same in the episode but a

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