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Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google, and Amazon Have Cornered Culture and What It Means For All Of Us This is a fact filled, but quite readable book about the tech industry and what the massive data collection it has done is doing to us all means to us personally and as a society The au has lived through and carefully observed the developments as they occurred he gives positive, meaningful, but rather time sensitive suggestions to keep our society from losing all touch with our roots Fascinating read. A Financial Times Best Thing I Read This Year 2017LONGLISTED FOR THE FT MCKINSEY BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARDGoogle Facebook The Modern World Is Defined By Vast Digital Monopolies Turning Ever Larger Profits Those Of Us Who Consume The Content That Feeds Them Are Farmed For The Purposes Of Being Sold Ever Products And Advertising Those That Create The Content The Artists, Writers And Musicians Are Finding They Can No Longer Survive In This Unforgiving Economic LandscapeBut It Didn T Have To Be This WayIn Move Fast And Break Things, Jonathan Taplin Offers A Succinct And Powerful History Of How Online Life Began To Be Shaped Around The Values Of The Entrepreneurs Like Peter Thiel And Larry Page Who Founded These All Powerful Companies Their Unprecedented Growth Came At The Heavy Cost Of Tolerating Piracy Of Books, Music And Film, While At The Same Time Promoting Opaque Business Practices And Subordinating The Privacy Of Individual Users To Create The Surveillance Marketing Monoculture In Which We Now Live.It Is The Story Of A Massive Reallocation Of Revenue In Which 50 Billion A Year Has Moved From The Creators And Owners Of Content To The Monopoly Platforms With This Reallocation Of Money Comes A Shift In Power Google, Facebook And Now Enjoy Political Power On Par With Big Oil And Big Pharma, Which In Part Explains How Such A Tremendous Shift In Revenues From Creators To Platforms Could Have Been Achieved And Why It Has Gone Unchallenged For So Long.And If You Think That S Got Nothing To Do With You, Their Next Move Is To Come After Your Jobs Move Fast And Break Things Is A Call To Arms, To Say That Is Enough Is Enough And To Demand That We Do Everything In Our Power To Create A Different Future. This is a must read for artists and creators It s an exhaustive, well researched look at the ways in which internet companies, which are now media behemoths, have manipulated the game to their benefit and our economic disadvantage Taplin turns his years of experience and his keen insight into identifying how we ve ended up in an untenable situation for artists and what must happen to correct this inequity going forward Smart and fun to read. If it ain t broke, break it That is the underlying theme here and this volume is quite a useful history of how this is done As Schopenhauer said, thus the task is not to think what others have not thought, but to think what others have not thought about that which everybody sees This book will tell you the several ways in which this missive was taken to heart. I didn t knew the background of the author, just wanted to read some counterpoints about Facebook practices and other similar companies However, a big chunk of the book is about the music industry of the 70s or near those dates, because of a previous job by the author.While interesting, the anecdotes are longer than necessary, and it took me a while to read through to get to the meaty expected part. Es ist wohl das einzige Buch, dass ich in den letztem 3 Jahren nach weniger als 100 Seiten weggeschmissen hab 60er Jahre Neo Marxismus Es hat eigentlich wenig mit Facebook und Co zu tun sondern liest sich eher wie das Werk eines frustrierten Mannes der entt uscht ist, dass die Anderen die Zukunft, die er sich gew nscht hat, nicht f r ihn gebaut haben Sad and grumpy book ohne jedweden sinnvollen Nutzen. Move Fast and Break Things is the most important book yet about the tragic consequences of monopoly power in the internet Google, Facebook and have done wonderful things, but by a combination of design and unintended consequences, they have caused great harm to the creative arts, our culture and in the case of Google and Facebook our politics.I have been a professional tech investor for 35 years My first investments in Google and Facebook happened when they were tiny private companies I don t think these companies intended to do harm, but it never occurred to them to take appropriate steps to prevent harm The result was disastrous Jonathan Taplin explains it all If you care about technology or politics, this book is a must read.

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