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Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth Fantastic It s the book I ve been waiting to read all my life.He even talks about the psychology of going to the moon, for the astronauts and for the world how people project their expectations on to the experience, how our obsession over space is about something greater I cannot believe he wrote about that That was incredible.He delves into everything you can think of about the moon and the astronauts experience Very interesting way to tell those stories along with his to tie them together.The book is fun to read, it ll make you cry, and reflect on life This is this man s life work.The anecdotes and physical descriptions of walking on the moon, the guys singing on the moon, the physical descriptions of what it is like How some of the astronauts wished they had been in the moment to take it all in Their lives during and after the moon landings He talks about the space race, but about the current state of space The astronauts enthusiasm to get going to space again Buzz Aldrin s speech on this was particularly moving It s inspiring that so many people at nasa and astronauts are as enthusiastic as ever about going back to space.The cover is beautiful The stories are so intimate and moving.Message me for me information on the book I love it so much. Spellbindinga Provocative Meditation On Lunar Travel And Humanitys Relation To SpaceBusiness WeekThe Apollo Lunar Missions Of The S And S Have Been Called The Last Optimistic Acts Of The Twentieth Century Twelve Astronauts Made This Greatest Of All Journeys And Were Indelibly Marked By It, For Better Or For Worse Journalist Andrew Smith Tracks Down The Nine Surviving Members Of This Elite Group To Find Their Answers To The Question Where Do You Go After You Ve Been To The Moon A Thrilling Blend Of History, Reportage, And Memoir, Moondust Rekindles The Hopeful Excitement Of An Incandescent Hour In America S Past When Anything Seemed Possible As It Captures The Bittersweet Heroism Of Those Who Risked Everything To Hurl Themselves Out Of The Known Worldand Who Were Never Again Quite Able To Accept Its Familiar Bounds I love Andrew Smith s interview style It s hard to get a good read on interviewing folks You only get just a taste of what they may be like like or hate them The impression of personality often overwhelms what the interviewee has to offer if the interviewer isn t in tune with the subject However Andrew has gone into great depth to get to really know the 9 surviving Moonwalkers still alive 30 years after the Apollo missions ended He works hard to understand these men and the dangers they bravely faced against some of the sketchiest odds ever even to the point of flying as a passenger in jets designed to withstand 6 G forces where one often passes out or throws up or both The afterword 20 years later marks the deaths of many of his subjects, but ends on a happy hopeful note for the legacies they leave behind We who grew up in the 60 s and closely, worshipfully, followed the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions are grateful for Andrew s work and thank him very much. I expected something different, but this book has anecdotes, details, and humor that makes me glad to read it The astronauts aren t necessarily the one sided hero jocks I looked up to as a kid 40 plus years ago They re complex, quirky, sometimes downright weird, nerds and hero jocks I look up to now If you re interested in real space, real science and technology, and doing amazing things with what seems like ancient tech, read this book This book helped me realize the value of reaching for something that is ridiculously difficult Succeed or fail, you re different in the end. I feel like this book is a gift to humanity I teach high school math and science, and one of the things I like to show students is just how far the lunar astronauts traveled compared to the astronauts of today You draw the earth and the moon on a whiteboard, with the sizes and distances roughly to scale You sketch a dotted line for a trip to the moon and back, and a dotted line for a trip to the space station and back The difference is pheonomenal it s just amazing what we as humans did in the 50s 70s in space.All of these stories are larger than life in our collective conscious Andrew Smith brings these mythical people back from mythology and into our human lives They are just people, many of whom happened to be in the right place at the right time to go to the moon Their perspective, and just as importantly their lived experience, is not what most of us would expect.If Andrew hadn t written this book, much of this human story would have remained scattered and lost, and we d be left with the legend and mythology I so appreciate his efforts to document these stories There s some criticism that he spends time in the book sharing his own story you can t write this book without sharing your own story He shares what it was like to grow up with these events happening live He shares what it was like to live this experience as a civilian This is part of the story, and he does a great job balancing his own story, which is really our story, with the story of the astronauts. The book was written in 2002 so it s a little outdated, but no less relevant for anybody interested in the Apollo program and its astronauts At the time of publishing in 2002, nine of the twelve men who had walked on the moon were still alive sadly, only four are still alive today and the author tracks them down, speaking to some in detail than others but providing fascinating insights into all, and their experiences after they returned from their trips to the moon I particularly enjoyed the tidbits about each mission the author inserts about the story, plenty of which I d never heard before It s a riveting read throughout.

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