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Monty Python's Flying Circus: Complete and Annotated . . . All the Bits Available for the first time in paperback, Monty Python s Flying Circus All the Bits includes every script from every episode of the innovative, hilarious, and absurd series one of the most influential of all time plus hundreds of annotations, behind the scenes stories, profiles, and , as well as photographs, drawings, and Terry Gilliam s iconic artwork Monty Python s Flying Circus is one of the most popular, important and oft quoted comedy series of all time Python s influence on comedy has been compared to the Beatles influence on music This landmark work collects the complete scripts for every one of theepisodes of Flying Circus every silly setup, every clever conceit, every snide insult, and ever saucy aside from these classic skits, including The Ministry of Silly Walks, The Dead Parrot, Banter in the Cheese Shop, Spam, the Funniest Joke in the World, The Spanish Inquisition, The Argument Clinic, The Fish Slapping Dance, The Lumberjack Song, and all the rest Every script is thoroughly annotated with notes that cover the plethora of cultural, historical, and topical references touched upon in each sketch Sidebars and commentary throughout include profiles of the principles Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, and John Cleese fascinating facts about technical concerns, set design, and shooting locations insider stores from on and off the set, including arguments, accidents, and practical jokes goofs and gaffes and muchAlso included are thousands of stills and artwork from the shows

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Luke Dempsey is an executive editor at HarperCollins, and the author of A SUPREMELY BAD IDEA and CLUB SOCCER 101 He lives in Brooklyn, NY

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