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Monkey Grip In Monkey Grip , Helen Garner charts the lives of a generation Her characters are exploring new ways of loving and living and nothing is harder than learning to love lightly Nora and Javo are trapped in a desperate relationship Nora s addiction is romantic love Javo s is hard drugs The harder they pull away, the tighter the monkey grip A lyrical, gritty, rough edged novel that deserves its place as a classic of Australian fiction

About the Author: Helen Garner

Helen Garner was born in Geelong in 1942 She has published many works of fiction including Monkey Grip, Cosmo Cosmolino and The Children s Bach Her fiction has won numerous awards She is also one of Australia s most respected non fiction writers, and received a Walkley Award for journalism in 1993.Her most recent books are The First Stone, True Stories, My Hard Heart, The Feel of Stone and Joe Cinque s Consolation In 2006 she won the Melbourne Prize for Literature She lives in Melbourne.Praise for Helen Garner s work Helen Garner is an extraordinarily good writer There is not a paragraph, let alone a page, where she does not compel your attention Bulletin She is outstanding in the accuracy of her observations, the intensity of passionher radar sure humour Washington Post Garner has always had a mimic s ear for dialogue and an eye for unconscious symbolism, the clothes and gestures with which we give ourselves away Peter Craven, Australian Helen Garner writes the best sentences in Australia Ed Campion, Bulletin

10 thoughts on “Monkey Grip

  1. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    My interest in Australian women writers has always been keen, and if anything, it is a genre that is growing with interest Helen Garneris an author I should have read by now, so I did borrow this from work with interest This is her debut, written in the 80 s about drugs, sex, anddrugs and sex.It is a

  2. PattyMacDotComma PattyMacDotComma says:

    3I ve seen the way she comes on to him I just can t stand it You know what really s ts me is how you spend years working on yourself to get rid of all that stupid eyelash fluttering and giggling, and then just when you think you re getting somewhere, you find out that guys still like women who do that sort of

  3. James Noonan James Noonan says:

    I first heard about this novel while at uni, when my professor was waxing lyrical about Helen Garner in his usual effusive way I didn t particularly like my professor so I didn t pay much attention to his suggestions Anyway, a couple years later Monkey Grip popped up on one of a best of list of Australian novels, and

  4. Andrew Andrew says:

    To start, I have to say that I think Garner has a magical way with words I felt transported to the scenes they were so well crafted I started out loving this book and then I got fifty pages in and was like, what is happening am I missing some major plot point here is my version missing pages Hence my problem with this book t

  5. R Strange R Strange says:

    A real empath wrote this book The crystal clear memory, and the nature of that attention, tell the story of one of the classic personality types that are often among the arts Written in 77, despite becoming a rocker meme in 82, also is interesting for capturing pre tech western life The pacing, the dropping by and comings and goings

  6. Radiantflux Radiantflux says:

    29th book for 2020.A semi fictionalised account of Garner s life as a single mother, sharing houses and drugs in inner city Melbourne in the 1970s It s hard for me to give an objective review here too much of my own twenties is mirrored in its pages My shared houses were filled with university students, her s bohemian artists and con artist

  7. Bri Lee Bri Lee says:

    As part of the gradual hardcover re release of her entire catalogue, I was sent this new suprisingly clean and beautiful blue, considering the content copy of Monkey Grip for a re read and was just totally blown away all over again It s a love story I shouldn t be able to relate to at all I ve never dated a junkie, never been polyamorous, and have

  8. Ailsa Ailsa says:

    Australia in the 1970 s, what a time to be alive I suffered from some painful emotion towards them, something to do with Rita s daily struggle to live, and the fact that I had been through this struggle myself with Gracie, years before hating her because her existence marked the exact limits of my freedom hating myself for hating her loving her all the whi

  9. Beth Beth says:

    Having just finished Monkey Grip, I am feeling suitably provincial Garner s 1970 s story is utterly urban, and incredibly hipster it would break the hearts of modern loose fringed copycats People ride their bikes around from one inner city Melbourne share house to another, swapping beds, children and needles, and rarely seem to go to work There is no internet You

  10. Zuzu Burford Zuzu Burford says:

    I cannot see what all the fuss was about when this was first published in 1977.What a slog Repetitious, boring, cliched To think this book launched Helen Garner s career is astounding.

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