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D us This is another phenomenal book released by Antony Cummins The comparison on warfare from medieval Japan and modern applications is not only interesting, but an enjoyable exploration into the evolution of combat and tactics I highly recommend this book for anyone I was fortunate to read this book among the first buyers, the truth is excellent, it is very well written and based on the skills of the real Ninja and its application to the real world, to the modern world, it is an indispensable book for students of the subject Ninja, Special Forces and world of Intelligence and Espionage This book is not about Jujitsu techniques in black clothes, it is about real Ninjutsu, it cites the sources from which it takes each reference and collapses many myths in the increasingly enlightened reality of Ninjutsu, which has been involved in many false beliefs for decades I highly recommend it Interesting book While I find myself less interested in modern equivalents to what the ninja did, I thought this gave some great insight into ways of thinking for the same kind of mindset.That said, I enjoyed the references to Sun Tzu s Art of War which had made a big impact on Japanese warfare and various ninja and samurai scrolls, with quotes provided I also enjoyed the details on how spy networks work.I think those who are interested in modern equivalents would really enjoy this book While some folks get rather disappointed at the historical ninja, in comparison to what we see in pop culture, this book does well to show the awesomeness of the historical ninja in the comparisons to what we have today.I originally received an early copy of this book for free from the publisher, and now that it has officially come out, I purchased the digital version because I believe the book is worth buying and having Some typos, but it s fresh out and that happens It s still a good book. Modern Ninja Warfare takes a contemporary look at the stealthy methods of the Ninja Shinobi Ninja historian Antony Cummins, himself a skilled martial artist, takes a detailed and realistic look at the Ninja, their methods and their role in the medieval Japanese military, as well as how they compare to today s Special Forces and covert military groups Cummins collected information from members of Special Ops, police forces, CIA and about the techniques they use in the twenty first century, and compares it against his extensive knowledge and research of historical ninjutsu methods Readers will get a detailed look at the defensive strategies, engagement against specific threats, intelligence gathering, territorial concerns, mental focus and the spiritual mind control techniques of these invisible warriors both of the past and presentWith overstriking illustrations that vividly portray the Ninjas secret world, this book shines new light on their shadowy methods In the process, the mythical image of the Ninja is washed away revealing the reality of these commando spies of medieval Japan I think this was a really good book by Anthony Cummings This book has awesome information about modern and ancient tactics I was glad to buy this book I recommend for everyone that likes Anthony Cummings books and ninjutsu AKA Shinobi. Mr Cummins does his historical due diligence in all his material An author that should have notoriety Also great for the novelist trying to get ideas for their commando characters and fight scenes Excellent, realistic focus. Cummins nails another book once again Not surprising, his historically accurate books are always spot on and enlightening when considering the ninja Awesome work Cummins, A: Modern Ninja Warfare

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cummins, A: Modern Ninja Warfare book, this is one of the most wanted Antony Cummins author readers around the world.

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