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Microwave Cooking: The Microwave Cookbook Collection (English Edition) hYou ever look at your microwave oven and wonder if it is good forthan making popcorn and TV dinners Wonder noYou can prepare an amazing meal with this wonderful device Meals that will be quick and easy You can cook things that you were told are impossible for a microwave like cookies, cakes, stir fry, tacos, Risotto and even crispy bacon This two volume set will teach you all the basics This isthan a recipe book, this is a cookbook The best Microwave CookbookEach Chapter is a single recipe I do not believe in dumping a bunch of recipes of the reader and running for cover Try one recipe and a day or two later try another This is how learning is done I am not a professional chef I went through trial and error while writing this book and picking the recipes to include My little book will not be perfect, but if you try the recipes I am sure that you will like them After all that is what we are here forVolume One Cooking with MicCooking With Mic is an easy to follow microwave cookbook that is not only filled will easy to follow recipes but tons of humor Written by a cook who believes that laughter is can get your though any recipe In this cookbook, you will learn how to make everything from steak to risotto, to french toast to chocolate cake from scratch in a microwave ovenVolume Two Desserts with MicYou can cook anything from Cheesecake to chocolate cookies, Fudge, truffles and Turkish Delight in your microwave oven This book with teach you how to make some of the most popular and delicious desserts with your microwaveQuick meals are what the microwave was designed for and with help of this two volume set, you will learn to prepare quick and easy recipes in a matter of minutes

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