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Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It The Director Of The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Explains The Startling Facts About The Major Menace Of Our Time, Communism What It Is, How It Works, What Its Aims Are, The Real Dangers It Poses, And What Loyal American Citizens Must Know To Protect Their Freedom MASTERS OF DECEIT Is A Powerful And Informative Book A Firsthand Account Of American Communism From Its Beginnings To The Present, Written By A Man Intimately Familiar With The Complete Story Than Any Other American Mr Hoover Shows The Day To Day Operations Of The Communist Party, USA Who The Communists Are, What They Claim, Why People Become Communists And Why Some Break Away He Describes Life Within The Party, Communist Strategy And Tactics, Methods Of Mass Agitation And Underground Infiltration, Espionage, Sabotage, And Its Treatment Of Minorities The Picture Of What Life In This Country Would Be Under Communism Toward Which Thousands Of Misguided Americans Actually Are Working Now Is Vivid And Shocking The Forceful, Driving Message Of This Book Is Clarified With Many Incidents And Anecdotes, Definitions Of Communist Terms, Key Dates, And A List Of International Communist Organizations And Publications Which Illustrate The Communist Trojan Horse In Action And It Concretely Outlines Just What You Can Do Now To Combat The Evils Of The False Religion Of Communism, So That You Can Stay Free MASTERS OF DECEIT Is One Of The Most Important Books Of Our Time A Warning Of The Clear And Present Danger To Our Way Of Life

5 thoughts on “Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It

  1. 12th-century.se Customer 12th-century.se Customer says:

    Masters of Deceit, what an excellent description of the Democrats of Today Read the book and compare to the tactics used against conservatives at every turn, and try to say this does not describe the tactics used by Democrats.

  2. Richard Newquist Richard Newquist says:

    This book was written 60 years ago It chronicles the efforts of the worldwide Communist Party not just USA to gain a foothold within our government and society, on ALL levels, with the ultimate goal of taking over the country It is SHOCKING how accurate it was in predicting EXACTLY WHAT S HAPPENING TODAY with our government and our society.EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT.

  3. Kug Kug says:

    I reread this book recently after having read it years ago Hoover gives a detailed, first person account of communism and it is quite thorough At the time of its writing, it was blockbuster stuff Communism has morphed into what we see today from the Left as Progressivism, Leftism, Islamism and a temporary and convenient merger of them all From the current day perspective, some of the conclusions are dated I must say though, had we as an American public paid attention to his advice we wouldn

  4. Charles Lindsley Charles Lindsley says:

    The book and its author speak for themselves Beautiful hard bound book with astounding and amazing predictions by J Edgar Hoover written back in the 1950s.

  5. deanna sebastian deanna sebastian says:

    Very eye opening This book should be Required Reading before Graduating from any High School.

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