[Textbooks] Earth Before Us 3: Mammal Takeover! Autor Abby Howard – Paydayloansnsi.co.uk

Earth Before Us 3: Mammal Takeover! The nonfiction graphic novel series that explores the flora and fauna of pre historic Earth After the dinosaurs died out, Earth was by no means empty There were still some little resourceful critters around who, without big predators to hunt them down, survived and thrived Who were these scrappy creatures Early mammals, our ancestors In the Cenozoic Era, mammals rose to dominance and spread over the globe, resulting in woolly mammoths, saber toothed tigers, and eventually all of humankind In this adventure, Ronnie will meet the three kinds of mammalsmonotremes, marsupials, and placental mammalsas well as the other amazing ancient beasts they shared the Earth with during the Cenozoic Era The text will track Earths history frommillion years ago to present day, ending with an impassioned yet hopeful discussion of climate change

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