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Madeline Madeline is one of the best loved characters in children s literature Set in picturesque Paris, this tale of a brave little girl s trip to the hospital was a Caldecott Honor Book inand has as much appeal today as it did then The combination of a spirited heroine, timelessly appealing art, cheerful humor, and rhythmic text makes Madeline a perennial favorite with children of all ages

10 thoughts on “Madeline

  1. Alex Alex says:

    On a recent morning the grandmothers got into a contest who can rememberof Madeline by heart They both did very well My wife and I are getting there Madeline means a lot to us, partly because we grew up with it, and partly because on our kid s stomach is also a scar his guts were like all in the wrong place or whatever so it has Special Meaning for us I

  2. Trina (Between Chapters) Trina (Between Chapters) says:

    I read this for BookTubeAThon to fulfill the read a book older than you challenge I remember having and reading this book as a kid, but now I m kind of confused about what a kid would get out of the story I guess it s just fun with the pictures and rhymes, but I didn t see much meaning other than copy your friends Wish you have an illness to be one of the co

  3. Calista Calista says:

    I missed this when I was adding old books I read, so I got this book to re read to be sure I did read this as a child where I distinctly remember laughing over and over again at Madeline saying Pooh Pooh to the tiger at the zoo Funny thing is, both the kids laugh at that same line to this day.This was a Newbery Honor book which shows you how awards boards can get

  4. Sloan Sloan says:

    In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines In two straight lines they broke their bread And brushed their teeth and went to bed They left the house at half past nine In two straight lines in rain or shine The smallest one was Madeline Who doesn t remember the first lines from the classic childrens book Madeline

  5. Hilary Hilary says:

    My original review has disappeared This is an old favourite of both my children and one I absolutely loved reading myself This is a lovely story that has the feel of one that has been made up for someone in particular I wonder if Bemelmans had a young relative who experienced a ruptured appendix We loved the drawings, the black, white and yellow ones, quite slapdash and th

  6. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Now I only very very rarely consider an adaptation or a translation better than the original, but I will absolutely and gladly have to make an exception to said general rule here For while I do and with all my heart adore Ludwig Bemelmans expressive and detailed illustrations that simply shine and glow with the spirit of Paris, with the spirit of both time and place, of the man

  7. Stacey B Stacey B says:

    I SHOCKED MY MOTHER My mother just gave me a box filled with many of the books she used to read to me as a child.Madeline was one of my most favorites, which happened to be lying on the top.Looking at it so many years later, I cant believe what happened.As my mother was asking where we should store the box, I said Mom, watch this.and I preceded to recite the whole book to her by mem

  8. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Although I absolutely adore author illustrator Ludwig Bemelmans expressive and detailed illustrations that simply shine and glow with the spirit of Paris, with the spirit of both time and place , the accompanying narrative and especially the rhyme schemes are at times rather majorly choppy and anything but smooth And truly, for me as an adult reader who never did read of have Madeline re

  9. Candace Robinson Candace Robinson says:

    Geez, I love this book Wonderfully illustrated, and it still gives me such feels

  10. Selene Selene says:

    BookTube A Thon Challenge 1 Read a book with yellow ok the cover.BookTube A Thon Challenge 5 Read a book that is older than you.

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