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Lumberjanes Vol. 5: Band Together The Lumberjanes meet rock n roll mermaids Excited for the annual Bandicoot Bacchanal, Ripley recruits her friends to help her get ready for the dance But before the Lumberjanes know it, something mysterious begins to bubble to the surface of the lake near camp Will the Lumberjanes be able to bring peace to the lake in time for the Bacchanal This New York Times Best Seller and multiple Eisner Award winning series written by Shannon Watters with Kat Leyh, and illustrated by Carolyn Nowak Rungs , follows the Lumberjanes as they face new challenges in their friendships and embark on fantastical adventures And ever wonder how the Lumberjanes first met Find out in the story written by Noelle Stevenson Nimona, Runaways ,and illustrated by Brooke Allen A Home for Mr Easter , when they take a trip back to the first day of camp and witness how the Lumberjanes friendship to the max began

About the Author: Shannon Watters

Shannon Watters is the creator of Lumberjanes, a comic book editor, founder of the BOOM box imprint, andall around classy dame Noelle Stevenson is the creator of the web comic Nimona Stevenson started Nimona as a student at Maryland Institute College of Art The comic was first published in June 2012 and doubled as Stevensons senior thesis

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