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Lumberjanes To The Max Vol. 2 The Hardcore Lady Types Return in another deluxe hardcover collection Together, Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley take on everything that goes bump in the night From scary stories to magical portals that lead to a land untouched by time, its definitely not your average summer Later, camp counselor Jen just wants to have a normal lesson with her cabin, teaching the girls the basic survival skills needed without any supernatural intervention when a blizzard hits camp Written by National Book Award nominee Noelle Stevenson Nimona, Adventure Time with co creators Grace Ellis and Shannon Watters, and illustrated by the tremendously talented Brooke Allen A Home for Mr Easter and Carolyn Nowak, Lumberjanes is a treat for all ages This hardcover edition collects Volumesandof the New York Times bestselling series along with a wealth of behind the scenes content

About the Author: Shannon Watters

Shannon Watters is the creator of Lumberjanes, a comic book editor, founder of the BOOM box imprint, andall around classy dame Noelle Stevenson is the creator of the web comic Nimona Stevenson started Nimona as a student at Maryland Institute College of Art The comic was first published in June 2012 and doubled as Stevensons senior thesis

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