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Lost Horizon (Vintage Classics) The gripping adventure that invented the mystery of Shangri La Flying out of India, a light aircraft is hi jacked and flown into the high Tibetan Himalayas The few passengers on board anxiously await their fate, among them Conway, a talented British consul But on landing they are unexpectedly conducted to a remote valley, a legendary paradise of peace and beauty, known as Shangri La Have they been kidnapped Can they escape And do they even want to From the author of Goodbye Mr Chips, this is the epic adventure story of literature s most entrancing utopia and one of our most enduring literary mysteries

14 thoughts on “Lost Horizon (Vintage Classics)

  1. Max Max says:

    Da es Inhaltsangaben zu diesem Buch zuhauf gibt, will ich einfach nur ein kurzes pers nliches Statement abgeben.Ich studiere Englische Philologie und lese gern Literatur im Englischen Original.Mittlerweile habe ich eine etwas unstete Technik mir das n chste Buch zum Lesen rauszusuchen.Manchmal geht es um die Pers nlichkeit, die das Buch geschrieben hat und man

  2. CM83 CM83 says:

    I liked this classic because the idea for the story was amazing I never thought it was predictable The Tibetan monastery and landscape were vivid The ideas in the book grabbed me and were interesting James Hilton wrote a wonderful story and was able to make his characters live I liked the way he chose them and put them together Most of all did I like that there wa

  3. Donald Donald says:

    The main character, Conway, and the monastery, Shangri La, are now part of everyday speech Everyone should read the quite short story behind it It is extremely well written in the turn of the century 20th style Authors today could do worse that take James Hilton s prose as a guideline Other reviewers have criticized the lack of character development of Conway s fellow

  4. bookspirit bookspirit says:

    Ein Klassiker Unver ndert aktuell Inhaltlich sollte man allerdings bedenken, zu welcher Zeit dieses Buch geschrieben wurde speziell bez glich Gender Verh ltnissen.

  5. Besteller Besteller says:

    Dieses Buch passt in so gar keine Kategorie Es ist heute genauso aktuell wie zum Zeitpunkt des Erscheinens vor fast 80 Jahren Unterhaltsam, fl ssig, mit interessanten Figuren Die Evakuierung von 4 in Afghanistan gestrandeten Ausl ndern endet in Shangri La, dem perfekten Ort des Nichts Wollens Doch Shangri La, das Kloster in dem fernab der Welt niemand altert, ist genauso zwie

  6. Warren Brickell Warren Brickell says:

    Icebreaker is an excellent product but thanks to one of your reviews the person was right that they are cut small, if you areaware of that they fit fine, quality is excellent All the finger trainers are good and I find it good to switch between them.

  7. Fabian von Stechow Fabian von Stechow says:

    Die Geschichte vom sagenumwobenen Kloster Shangri La.Ein fantastischer Roman, der dem Leser soviel mehr gibt als nur eine spannenden Geschichte stliche Philosophie, Abenteuer, menschliche Trag die, menschliches Gl ck All dies packt James Hilton in dieses kurze aber inhaltsschwere Buch, das in keiner Bibliothek fehlen sollte.

  8. Anke N. Anke N. says:

    Ich habe mich sehr an dem wundersch nen sprachstil von james hilton erfreut

  9. CFB London CFB London says:

    Lost Horizon is an interesting short novel that is worth reading Whilst it has a dated feel to it and an abrupt ending, it is a thought provoking story, particularly in light of the historical context in which it was written However, do not buy the Dead Authors Society hardback edition, which appears to have been made by copying another edition of the book the cover is blurry and the text is

  10. Al Al says:

    This is a very good book a fascinating story, which I will not spoil, told with good use of English without the ponderous, verbose style many authors of the period adopt , a gentle moral about moderation in all things leading to harmony and comfort and a huge dollop of prescience it foresees worldwide severe disruption and calamity but it was published in 1933, when the Nazis had only just come

  11. Mr. R. A. Loades Mr. R. A. Loades says:

    There a reason why books become a Classic, the book has to be well written, keeping the reader interested from the first page to the last, it also has to speak of the time it written in and of the time it written about it should also have a message that people can relate to Do that and you to will have a Classic Lost Horizon does this and When I was younger so many houses were named Shangri la as p

  12. Hereward Hereward says:

    The overall plot was good and it was well written and engaging The characters were acceptable apart from the youngest member of the group, Mallinson, whom I feel needed a damn good slap A spoilt, precocious brat who, quite honestly, got on my nerves and ultimately spoilt the story.

  13. nigel Chambers nigel Chambers says:

    I read this classic having caught part of a radio dramatisation, which I enjoyed The book is very much of it s age and everybody has at least a vague notion about Shangri la It s a good story in my view but not an altogether satisfying read The characters feel a little too caricatured at times and the fantasy a bit staid for our high tech world However if you can sufficiently suspend belief, then there s a

  14. anon anon says:

    Wonderful book, a classic Love to read and re read, it would be wonderful to think that a Shangri La did exist have to make a Shangri La in our own life.

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