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Life Sucks Life Sucks For Dave MarshallThe Girl He S In Love With Doesn T Know He Exists, He Hates His Job, And Ever Since His Boss Turned Him Into A Vampire, He Can T Go Out In Daylight Without Starting To Charbroil Undead Life In Its Uncoolest Incarnation Yet Is On Display In This Cinematic, Supernatural Drama Told With Gallons Of Humor And Hemoglobin In Striking, Colorful

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  1. Calista Calista says:

    What if you were stuck in a minimum wage job enslaved to basically Dracula for eternity You can t leave, you don t have a lot of money and there is no way out Well, Life Sucks explores this Is being a Vampire really glamorous Dave doesn t drink blood,

  2. Melki Melki says:

    Sometimes I think it might be cool to be a vampire, what with that eternal life thing and all.Imagine you would actually have all the time in the world to READ EVERY BOOK your unbeating heart desires Now, just imagine that your master the guy who turned y

  3. Betsy Betsy says:

    A person could be forgiven for getting tired of vampires Is it fair to say that they ve been done From the Twilight series to Buffy to whatever vampire related dreck we see next you sometimes just wanna grab the creators and say, ALL RIGHT FINE I GET IT IT S

  4. Jessica-Robyn Jessica-Robyn says:

    Life Sucks is a graphic novel that sells itself as a possibly interesting take on another vampire tale of darkness This story is all about removing vampire lore from its classic romanism and into some form of reality where you need to pay rent and stuff All of th

  5. Matti Karjalainen Matti Karjalainen says:

    Kalifornialaisen Dave Marshallin el m ei ole ruusuilla tanssimista H n paiskii minimipalkalla y vuoroja paikallisessa supermarketissa ja yritt parhaansa mukaan tulla toimeen saidan emigranttipomonsa kanssa Dave on my s onnettomasti rakastunut Rosaan, meksikolaistaust

  6. Michael Michael says:

    Wie schade, aber hier wurde viel Potenzial verschenkt Eigentlich ein erfrischend anderer Ansatz zu all den Vampir Comics und Stories, die den Markt berfluten Ein junger Mann, freundlich und unscheinbar, erleidet das unab nderliche Los fast aller Teenager er verliebt sich

  7. Abby Abby says:

    Meh I had higher hopes for this comic, since it was penned by Jessica Abel published by First Second Plus, the idea of vampires creating their own vampiric wage slaves to work graveyard shifts at crummy jobs was kind of inspired However, in the end I was turned off by the ca

  8. Matt Matt says:

    Life Sucks was a good comic, it had its humorous moments I liked how the vampires were implemented into this story, they basically use the vampires as slaves for night shifts at their workplace I liked how when the vampires get hit by the sun they actually...

  9. Sophia Sophia says:

    This was probably the most interesting book I have ever read that involves vampires because it was about a man who is love with a goth but he is vampire and she is a mortal who will be enslaved by a bloodthirsty surfer dude vamp I thought this book was real...

  10. Dani Shuping Dani Shuping says:

    Dave works the late shift at a 24 hour convenience store which works out well for him since he s a vampire But he s not your regular vampire, nope Dave is a vegetarian vampireor at least he tries to be one He doesn t like killing and he doesn t really like drinking real blood either and

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