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Les Miserables (Classics Illustrated) Victor Hugo s novel of early th Century France, as told through the experiences of the ex convict, Jean Valjean Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful tale in colorful comic strip form, providing an excellent introduction for younger readers Also includes theme discussions and study questions

6 thoughts on “Les Miserables (Classics Illustrated)

  1. Mike Hendon Mike Hendon says:

    I collected these when I was a kid These are perfect reproductions of the originals I have bought them all and give them to the grandchildren We love em

  2. D. A. Evans D. A. Evans says:

    A good little book I didn t realise that it wasn t the full Victor Hugo book, but a shortened version Neverthe less, it made a good, if brief, read.

  3. Mr. C. Morris Mr. C. Morris says:

    You could read a Wiki appraisal of Les Mis to find out what it s about or pick up this graphic novel though this was written in the day when they were called comics Not read the book so can t say how accurate it is but it does conjur up a grim, dark feel Obviously it s not as vibrant as the Ivanhoe or Robin Hood stuff, but then neither is the book

  4. Pablo A Calvan Pablo A Calvan says:

    All fine.

  5. me me says:

    as stated

  6. C. Adair C. Adair says:

    I remember Classic Comics when I was young A young man I know couldn t believe there was a classic of Les Miserables so it was fun to get this for him.

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