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Legendary Lawman: The Story of Quick Draw Jelly Bryce This is the most researched and accurate book about a legendary lawman that I ve ever read Nothing is left out Legends are documented or dispelled according to amazing research that either confirms or disproves Jelly Bryce s history The good and the bad of his life is there for all to read I was expecting , but the author explains why so many facts are set out for you to see and there aren t as many crazy, legend type stories to read While I expected of a sensational compilation of adventures, the reality of a grim job spread over several decades is apparent I feel I know quite a bit about Jelly Bryce, the man and the legend, after reading this book. Largely Unknown Except In A Few Law Enforcement Circles, Jelly Bryce Was At The Forefront Of The Conflict During Americas Gangster Era As An Oklahoma State Game Ranger, Oklahoma City Police Detective, And FBI Agent For Over Years, Bryce Was The Man Responsible For Creating The FBIs First Firearms Training Program, Developing Their Concealed Holster And Their Fast Draw Techniques, And Personally Training Hundreds Of Their Agents Hired By The FBI Without Any College, He Was Involved In Shootings In The Line Of Duty And Was Electronically Timed At Two Fifths Of A Second To Draw And Fire Accurately It Was Said If A Criminal Blinked At Jelly Bryce, He Died In Darkness If You Ever Wondered Who The Anonymous Men With Badges And Guns Were Who Really Lived The Lives Depicted In The Movies And On Television, This Is The Story Of One Of Those Unique Men Legendary Lawman Jelly Bryce is one of the least known legends in law enforcement Oklahoma Wildlife agent, Oklahoma City Police Officer and Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent when J Edgar Hoover needed the gangs dismantled Jelly did just that Book does a great job piecing together his life with any family accounts as they wouldn t talk to the author Well worth the read I was a young prot g of Jelly Bryce after my parents, Claude and Dorothy, bought his house outside Mt View, OK Jelly retired from the FBI and returned to his childhood hometown, Mt View, where he grew up literally cutting his teeth on a revolver Jelly encouraged me to join the FBI, taught me how to think, anticipate, react, and shoot He created the shooting course at the FBI academy, and was a living legend The lessons learned by Mr Bryce helped me become the youngest police officer to work the streets at age 19 for the Sheriff s Office in Tampa, FL and then the youngest detective by age 20 While with the FBI right out of high school at age 17, I was given a commendation by J Edgar Hoover Mr Hoover spent over 30 minutes telling me about the bravery and friendship he shared with Jelly, a true G Man Jelly shared many insights of his gun battles and experiences, as one of three Oklahoma and Texas lawmen with gun battle experience and no college degrees to be hired by Mr Hoover after the Kansas City Massacre The history of Jelly Bryce was a law enforcement best kept secret, as he gave the credit to his team, whether the Oklahoma City Police Department or the FBI He was a confident, but humble man with an insight in the criminal mind He chose to lead by example rather than sitting behind a desk as he rose to the Special Agent in Charge of several FBI field offices He would instruct his agents to surround violent offenders until he could arrive where he would be the first through the door Remember, this was long before SWAT teams and bullet proof vests He stared into the face of true evil and was willing to face down hard core killers I was greatly blessed that Jelly weaved himself into the fabric of my life The foundation he built in my young mind would later prove to save my life on than one occasion Steven C Millwee, CPP. Pretty good history of a legendary lawman Jelly Brice was the real item Special Agent Brice was no doubt the inspiration to some degree of several fictional characters in books and films No big information for shooters per se, but still a great inspirational book for those considering the field of law enforcement.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Legendary Lawman: The Story of Quick Draw Jelly Bryce book, this is one of the most wanted Ron Owens author readers around the world.

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