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Leap of Faith Leap of Faith Gordon Cooper An Astronaut s Journey into the Unknown with Bruce Henderson is a good book with good pictures.Its an easy read Read it in 2 days We see Gordon learning to fly his father s plane at a very young age He had to use blocks to reach the controls He solos very young and gets his private pilot license no problem Later in life he give his mom many rides She would just hop in Gordo joins the Marines as a rifleman for a short stay,then goes back to school and later gets into the Air Force He already knows how to fly so its not too hard learning for Gordo to be a US Air Force pilot He flies many fast jets and becomes a test pilot at Edwards Air Force base.Later Gordo gets confidential orders to report to the new agency NASA He goes through the selection process and becomes one of the Mercury 7 astronauts So much training and training.He goes up in the last Mercury flight and does a super job Later he goes up in a Gemini spacecraft Right before he has an argument with Williams the number 3 man in NASA Gordo is pissed and buzzes NASA in a jet and Williams freaks out and almost grounds Gordo from going up but later gives the go ahead In space there is a major problem with an almost dead spacecraft as systems are shutting down and Gordo must manually land the spacecraft He does great and lands near the water pick up area Almost bulls eye Later Williams shakes his hand and says You were the right person for the job.He gets a big ticker tape parade He is a hero He goes to the White House to see President LBJ and asks who classified detailed photos he took from his Gemini flight and why LBJ says soberly I did son Much later Gordo learns why he took excellent accidental photos of Top Secret Area 51.Later we see Gordo is very bitter and mad with Deke the head astronaut and Al Shepard being cutthroat and pushing Gordon aside and not allowing him to go up in an Apollo flight Just back up, backup, backup He thinks he won t get another chance and retires from NASA General Curtis Le May says Gordon may get a star Brig General if he stays in the Air Force but regulations say a General can t fly a one seat jet So Gordo retires from the Air Force as a Colonel.Later Gordo talks about a UFO sighting he had flying a jet over Germany Officially its explained as a weather balloon Gordo says that s the first weather balloon I ve ever seen with landing gear He also talks about the Air Force Blue Book and UFO sightings So far so good I enjoy this and have an open mind Then he talks about that we have actually been visited by intelligent ETs OK the book is still great I read Chariots of the Gods and still have an open mind.Later we see Gordon in a company that discovers a 3000 year old site that predated the Mayans and Incas He lets the authorities have the artifacts rather than his company plunder them He states it was the legal and right thing to do Gordon becomes a VP with Disney involved with advanced technology.So far the book is fascinating and 5 star Then the crapola starts He meets Valerie Ransone who claims she gets mental communications with extraterrestrial life Later Gordon meets a PHD scientist claiming to have taken a ride up in an alien spacecraft Its gets even unbelievable as Valerie says the aliens want to take Gordon up with the scientist again Just before Cooper goes out to go up Valerie tells Cooper the aliens have had second thoughts.I am sorry Gordon Cooper and Bruce Henderson I m a hard science kind of guy As an amateur astronomer of over 40 years I do believe that there is intelligent life out there New Exoplanets are being discovered it seems monthly There are millions of galaxies each holding billions of stars The probability is that there MUST be other life out there However INMO it may not look like us or even be carbon based Who knows At this time its too far out for me to believe that Valerie and others are getting metal communications from ETs Show ANY proof of these mental communications Sorry Gordon Cooper and Bruce Henderson you left me way out there in space with this one 90% a 5 star book then very late rapid degradation to 3 1 2 to 4 stars Gordon Cooper a great American hero with many wonderful accomplishments I am sad Gordon Cooper passed away but at this time I can t believe in mental communications with ETs Its too big a Leap of Faith for me. I got this book after watching the reality show inspired by this astronaut and this book is fab u lous Mr Cooper wrote it in a way that anyone can understand the technical details It really was a fascinating book and it s really amazing to understand how brave the pioneers of NASA were when they created something out of nothing. Gordon Cooper is brutally honest with is take on the space race and crushing politics that eventually ruled NASA Leap of Faith An Astronaut s Journey into the Unknown Mass Market Paperback was a great five star book by Gordon Cooper In it he highlights his two fameous space flights during projects Mercury and Gemini and shares lots of interesting gossip about the manned space program He also discusses his life story in general and an abundance of tales about his UFO experiences and much Some of the information he relates to his readers is questionable, but a tribute to Gordo s openmindedness. This Book is great i worked off and on with him in Downey 1n 1966 when I was a technician on the Apollo command module in Downey bldg.290 performing integrated checkout on the bird he was an interesting fellow and I decided to read book He was One of the former Mercury Astronaut the other astronauns had an agreement with a publisher not to discus their space experiences Cooper was different he did talk about it.There was a newspaper article that Gordon Cooper had seen a glowing, greenish object ahead of him quickly approaching his capsule in space Gordon Cooper the astronaut told me he did saw some object in space and it scared him The mercury spacecraft could only carried one Astronaut into space and he was alone with that thing I asked him for how long He said the object came right next to the mercury spacecraft a few yards away and stayed there for about a day 20 plus hours then it left quickly He was sweating when he told me the tale I asked him if it was saucer shape He said no but it was a larger than the mercury spacecraft and he said it was bell shaped, cylinder than bell and it was not greenish glowing, it was metallic He wouldn t give me any details and dropped the subject Gordon cooper was a back up crew member for Apollo One and 10, and then he left NASA I guess because he would not keep quiet about the UFO he saw Cooper spent 222 hours in space on Mercury Freedom 7 and Gemini 6 MissionsI was surprised because this conversation just came out of the blue and it was totally unexpected I know he slipped and told me this story in confidence I did not tell anybody about this conversation, because I did not want to discredit myself or this astronaut This is not a common believable topic I also thought that I would lose my security clearances if anyone found out I tried not to remember and or think about it I had forgotten the name of the Astronaut because I have a hard time remembering people s name But I remember and found the newspaper article about the green object seen by the astronaut in the mercury capsule in the internet it jog my memory It refers to Gordon Cooper and I am now positive it was Cooper In Gordon Cooper s book Leap of Faith he denied it happened I guess somebody got to him or he was pulling my leg LOLAnyway the book is very interesting with tales he hear about of the v1 and v2 and ufo s That being said the book really shines with his actual experience with the Mercury program The book starts there then jumps around a bit It is easy to read and is a must for somebody interested in the beginning of the space program. One Of The Original Mercury Astronauts Discusses The Possibility Of UFOs And Delves Into What He Believes Is A Government Coverup Surrounding The Possibility Of Extraterrestrial Life

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