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Lasagna: A Baked Pasta Cookbook Change the way you think about lasagna with a cookbook featuringrecipes that are bold, creative, and always comforting Bon Apptits Cookbook of the Month What could possibly be better than a great lasagna recipe A whole slew of them, plus some wonderful baked pastas tooRuth Reichl Whether youre craving a meatball lasagna, keeping it stupid simple with a slow cooker spinach lasagna, or hosting brunch with an eggy carbonara lasagna that shouts Hello from the center of the table, youll find plenty of new ways to cook the classic dish in Lasagna A Baked Pasta Cookbook In addition to a lasagna recipe for every occasion, the book features many creative ideas for what to eat with it, including the perfect iceberg lettuce salad youve ordered a million times in Italian restaurants, pillowy garlic knots, and a tiramisu for the twenty first century A baked pasta chapter delivers non lasagna showstoppers, like skillet baked spaghetti and timpano Withrecipes, mouth watering photography, and plenty of tips, Lasagna is a detailed and delicious celebration of a baked pasta icon Praise for LasagnaAn exuberant love letter to the bubbling, bronzed, bricklike comfort of lasagna I foreseepercentlasagna in my kitchen this fall, just as Anna Hezel and the editors of TASTE wanted for meDeb Perelman, Smitten Kitchen Garfields love of lasagna is well documented In his opinion, its natures perfect food Im often asked, Why lasagna Truth is, lasagna is my favorite food So, it looks like Garfield and I will be fighting over this delightful bookJim Davis, creator of Garfield The sad truth is that lasagnaa dish of such great potentialis too often sloughed together haphazardly, a multithousand calorie doorstop for the potluck table Anna Hezel and the team from TASTE have, thankfully, reconsidered Garfields favorite food and laid out, in friendly and encouraging words and pictures, simple and essential ways to elevate your lasagna game Plus theyve mapped out a great range of baked pastas and the lasagna adjacent dishes of the world, so you can set sail from red sauce seas to faraway horizons, discovering variations of baked noodle bliss you may have never known were within your reachPeter Meehan, food editor of the Los Angeles Times and cofounder of Lucky Peach

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