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Land's End: A Walk in Provincetown In this celebration of one of America s oldest towns incorporated in, Michael Cunningham, author of the best selling, Pulitzer Prize winning The Hours, brings us Provincetown, one of the most idiosyncratic and extraordinary towns in the United States, perched on the sandy tip at the end of Cape Cod Provincetown, eccentric, physically remote, and heartbreakingly beautiful, has been amenable and intriguing to outsiders for as long as it has existed It is the only small town I know of where those who live unconventionally seem to outnumber those who live within the prescribed bounds of home and licensed marriage, respectable job, and biological children, says Cunningham It is one of the places in the world you can disappear into It is the Morocco of North America, the New Orleans of the north He first came to the place than twenty years ago, falling in love with the haunted beauty of its seascape and the rambunctious charm of its denizens Although Provincetown is primarily known as a summer mecca of stunning beaches, quirky shops, and wild nightlife, as well as a popular destination for gay men and lesbians, it is also a place of deep and enduring history, artistic and otherwise Few towns have attracted such an impressive array of artists and writers from Tennessee Williams to Eugene O Neill, Mark Rothko to Robert Motherwell who, like Cunningham, were attracted to this finger of land because it was different, nonjudgmental, the perfect place to escape to to be rescued, healed, reborn, or simply to live in peace As we follow Cunningham on his various excursions through Provincetown and its surrounding landscape, we are drawn into its history, its mysteries, its peculiarities places you won t read about in any conventional travel guide

About the Author: Michael Cunningham

Michael Cunningham is the author of the novels A Home at the End of the World, Flesh and Blood, The Hours winner of the Pen Faulkner Award Pulitzer Prize , Specimen Days, and By Nightfall, as well as the non fiction book, Land s End A Walk in Provincetown His new novel, The Snow Queen, will be published in May of 2014 He lives in New York, and teaches at Yale University.

10 thoughts on “Land's End: A Walk in Provincetown

  1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Most travel books are about going somewhere new and recording one s experiences this one is about staying home in a beloved place and good naturedly welcoming visitors in for a tour Cunningham, known for novels like The Hours, wrote this homage to Provincetown, Massachusetts 15 years ago as part of the Crown Journeys series He recounts the wider history of the town as well as h

  2. Whitney Whitney says:

    A perfect pack away book It s a journey it s a year spent in a town that is a famous yet infamous little town I feel like I myself could be a resident there, but I have never been there I don t know if I ever WILL be there But this book is such a deeply honest experience Entertaining, heartfelt, bittersweet, amusingeverything A New England climate set upon sandy wilderness Readin

  3. Paul Paul says:

    Cape Cod is on the North West fringe of America, and Provincetown is on the very edge of Cape Cod This isolation means it is a place which has attracted those on the periphery of American society too artists and writers have made their homes here, and hosts a large gay and lesbian community too.The walk takes us around the town, down the two main streets, across the marshes and dun

  4. Pudds Downing Pudds Downing says:

    This book could have been wonderful I love the poetry, the beauty of Michael Cunningham s writing But the old nursery rhyme line, paraphrased, could apply here When he is good he is very, very good but when he is bad he is horrid WhenI bought this book I really was not looking for a detailed description of the life of a promiscuous homosexual in Provincetown Yuck, yuck andyuck Frankl

  5. Michael Sundblad Michael Sundblad says:

    If you have ever been to Provincetown, you need to read this book If you have ever wanted to visit, this is required reading as well This ranks with Jack Finney s Time and Again as one of the most romantic strolls through any American landscape While Finney s novel uses time travel as a device to tell a love story between and man and a woman and a city, Cunningham drips glimpses of the

  6. Laurel Laurel says:

    This book wasabout Michael Cunningham than it was about Provincetown.

  7. D D says:

    From the A House to whales, Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Cunningham captures all that is special about Provincetown, Massachusetts.

  8. Mark Fallon Mark Fallon says:

    It s a joy to read a book about a place you love by a gifted author who loves that place too.

  9. Michael Armijo Michael Armijo says:

    This is clearly the pressure of a renowned author being pressured to come out with another book quickly It s like reading excerpts from his personal journal that have been thrown together It starts out adjectively and continues that way with one getting to know the feeling of Provincetown I have never been there and would like to go one day, but if I wanted a GUIDEBOOK of P Town it would besui

  10. Tessa Campbell Tessa Campbell says:

    This book will inspire anyone to take a trip to Provincetown, Massachussetts Cunningham also author of The Hours takes readers by the hand and leads them on a magical tour of this quaint little beach town at the tip of Cape Cod Provincetown has a rich history and has become a popular summer vacation destination worldwide, known for its arts, beaches, shopping and gourmet restaurants It has a lar

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