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Kissinger on Kissinger: Reflections on Diplomacy, Grand Strategy, and Leadership In a series of riveting interviews, America s senior statesman discusses the challenges of directing foreign policy during times of great global tensionAs National Security Advisor to Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger transformed America s approach to diplomacy with China, the USSR, Vietnam, and the Middle East, laying the foundations for geopolitics as we know them todayNearly fifty years later, escalating tensions between the US, China, and Russia are threatening a swift return to the same diplomatic game of tug of war that Kissinger played so masterfully Kissinger on Kissinger is a series of faithfully transcribed interviews conducted by the elder statesman s longtime associate, Winston Lord, which captures Kissinger s thoughts on the specific challenges that he faced during his tenure as NSA, his general advice on leadership and international relations, and stunning portraits of the larger than life world leaders of the era The result is a frank and well informed overview of US foreign policy in the first half of the s essential reading for anyone hoping to understand tomorrow s global challenges

15 thoughts on “Kissinger on Kissinger: Reflections on Diplomacy, Grand Strategy, and Leadership

  1. Simon Rotelli Simon Rotelli says:

    Apertura delle relazioni diplomatiche con la Cina, Guerra in Vietnam, Medio Oriente e Guerra Fredda sono le domande fatte a Kissinger in questo libro.Gli stessi temi delle mie prime letture impegnate, quando cercavo di capire il mondo e il decennio appena terminato e fuori dai libri scolastici di storia.Direi che la ricostruz

  2. Marco Sartorelli Marco Sartorelli says:

    Libro interessante riprende aspetti gi citati in altri testi nel complesso molto godibile.

  3. J. T. Stasiak J. T. Stasiak says:

    The Nixon administration is primarily remembered for Watergate but this is a gross oversimplification that completely misses the fact that it was an extremely well organized, well disciplined, highly effective and profoundly consequential administration in foreign and domestic affairs both strategically and tactically This book

  4. S. Kohn S. Kohn says:

    For years it is been too simple to believe that anything that President Nixon touched was tainted Henry Kissinger, his partner in redrawing American diplomatic relations, describes the philosophy in redrawing the world map It is a concise but excellent work describing the process.

  5. GSJ2100 GSJ2100 says:

    What makes this short book so informative is not the recollection of the transnational events during Dr Kissinger s time at the White House, but the critical thinking that enabled those goals to be achieved If your aim is to read this work only for its historical content you will have missed the essence of the book s dialogue To

  6. LittleTank LittleTank says:

    There are some real insights in this slim book into Kissinger himself and his thought processes I would also recommend another book by him, Diplomacy excellent, too

  7. Bob Morris Bob Morris says:

    Excellent review of historical happenings that I remember from current events from a true giant of his time.

  8. EFC EFC says:

    Perfect reading for my 95 year old father in law

  9. Richard Irving Richard Irving says:

    Having just read Diplomacy which is a brilliant recap of 300 years of foreign policy along with gripping revelations of Kissinger s involvement, I wanted a book on his thoughts for our times This is not it merely a recycling of the Nixon years.

  10. michael schilling michael schilling says:

    Great service with rapid delivery of book as described Thank you.

  11. Michael J. Edelman Michael J. Edelman says:

    Henry Kissinger is one of the most interesting, most consequential, and most contentious figures in post World War Two world history He has been lauded by many for his negotiating skills, and condemned by foes for his role in Nixon administration Most know him through the simple caricatures portrayed in the press something he shares re

  12. SR SR says:

    For the many fans of Kissinger and of course his legions of detractors this book will be welcomed into the cannon or bonfire It is essentially the transcript of a wide ranging interview, with commentary I found it fascinating.Here s but one of the many examples of Kissinger s explanation of his approach to geopolitics, specifically on t

  13. E.Swope E.Swope says:

    Kissinger on Kissinger is a short book but it would be appropriate to describe it as succinct In an age where everyone is writing a memoir to assure their place in history, this is a man whose place is already assured He is one of the most influential figures of the 20th century That said, for most, Henry Kissinger needs no introduction

  14. Robert D. Harmon Robert D. Harmon says:

    This is Henry Kissinger s only oral history, and as he is now in his 90s, this may be his final word on a number of topics This short book is a transcript of sorts, interview format by Kissinger s longtime assistant Winston Lord and foreign policy expert K T McFarland It s somewhat selective in that it only touches on some major events in

  15. Unus, sed leo Unus, sed leo says:

    This book about Henry Kissinger has some quotes and reminiscences from Henry Kissinger that are interesting, but dated Of course I can say that any history book is dated, as it is, after all, history, but to me having lived through this era I didn t really find anything in this book that resonates today.Winston Lord worked for Henry Kissin

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