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John Glenn A Memoir He Was The First American Astronaut To Orbit The Earth Nearly Four Decades Later, As The World S Oldest Astronaut, His Courage Riveted A Nation But These Two Historic Events Only Bracket A Life That Covers The Sweep Of An Extraordinary Century In This Engrossing Book, John Glenn Tells The Story Of His Unique Life One Lived At The Center Of A Momentous Time In History By A Man Who Helped Shape That HistoryHe Is The Kind Of Hero Who Resists Being Called A Hero And Yet His Exploits In The Service Of His Country, His Dedication To Family And Friends, And His Rock Ribbed Traditional Values Have Made This Small Town Boy From The Midwest A True American IconJohn Glenn S Autobiography Spans The Seminal Events Of The Twentieth Century It Is A Story That Begins With His Childhood In New Concord, Ohio, In The Aftermath Of World War I It Was There That He Learned The Importance Of Family, Community, And Patriotism Glenn Saw Firsthand The Ravages Of The Depression And Learned That Determination, Hard Work, And Teamwork Could Overcome Any Adversity These Were The Values He Carried With Him As A Marine Fighter Pilot During World War II And Into The Skies Over Korea, For Which He Would Be Decorated For His Courage, Dedication, And Sacrifice Glenn Flew Missions With Men He Would Never Forget, From Baseball Great Ted Williams To Little Known Heroes Who Would Never Return To Their Families Always A Gifted Flier, It Was During The War That He Contemplated The Unlimited Possibilities Of Aviation And Its Next Frontiers Speed And SpaceJohn Glenn Takes Us Into The Cockpits Of The Experimental Planes And Spacecraft He Flew To Experience The Pulse Pounding Excitement Of The Early Days Of Jet Aviation, Including His Record Setting Transcontinental Flight In An FU Crusader In , And Then On To His Selection For The Project Mercury Program In We See The Early Days Of NASA, Where He First Served As A Backup Pilot For Astronauts Alan Shepard And Gus Grissom And Helped Refine Some Of The Initial Cockpit And Control Designs For The Apollo Program In Glenn Piloted The Mercury Atlas Friendship Spacecraft On The First Manned Orbital Mission Of The United States Then Came Several Years In International Business, Followed By A Twenty Four Year Career As A US Senator And In A Return To Space For His RemarkableDiscovery Mission At The Age Of Seventy SevenThis Extraordinary Book Captures The Unique Alchemy That Brings A Man To The Forefront Of His Time Married To A Woman He First Met When They Were Both Toddlers, Known For His Integrity, Common Sense, And Leadership In The Senate, John Glenn Tells A Story That We Must Hear For This Narrative Of Steadfastness, Devotion, Courage, And Honor Is Both A Great Adventure Tale And A Source Of Powerful Inspiration For An Age That Needs John Glenn S Values Than Ever Before

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  1. Patricia Lavins Patricia Lavins says:

    This is a memoir of a true American hero This book presents his interesting life in a way that will inspire the young to emulate his grit and determination I had the privilege to meet the Senator and his charming wife and he is as personable in person as he seemed as an astronaut I also had the privilege of being on the beach and watching his return to space as a senior citizen This is a man

  2. Arnold Veness Arnold Veness says:

    There is nothing I love to share with my young son, than a bedtime story about a real American hero I m so happy that John Glenn took the time to write down and narrate his story for his grand kids My young son now 23 months is enjoying his tapes as a bedtime story too Hard work, honesty, love, patriotism, sacrifice and dedication to do a job well, what could you ask for in a story When Joh

  3. Jim Kirk Jim Kirk says:

    I really didn t know what to make of this book I mean, one could argue that John Glenn has done some of the most exciting things that a person who lived in the past 100 years could do He fought in two wars as a fighter pilot during the golden age of aviation and at the dawn of the jet age, he was the first american to orbit the earth, and he flew in space at the age of 77, in addition to being

  4. Isabel Isabel says:

    The author s early years in safe, small town New Concord, Ohio, influences his progression from airplane flying to Marine Corps service, morality decisions in war to space exploration and finally in political leadership For those who can identify with John s delineating background, there is no surprise to understanding his goals right up to his geriatric experience in space For others this is a

  5. Hartriono Sastrowardoyo Hartriono Sastrowardoyo says:

    Senator Astronaut American Hero These are all words that come to mind when the name John Glenn is mentioned But how much do you know about John Glenn the person If you want to know the minutiae of Glenn s flight as a Mercury and shuttle astronaut then this is not the book for you For John Glenn A Memoir is a walk down Glenn s busy road of life, from his upbringing during the Depression to his se

  6. Thomas E. Gwilym Thomas E. Gwilym says:

    I found the book to be pretty good, and quite intetesting I don t know why some of the other reviewers said it was dull I have read MANY autobiographies of the early astronauts and would rate it up there with the best of them It is facinating to see how the first American in orbit also got a chance to ride in the shuttle almost 40 years later One part of the book I wish he went into detail about

  7. Customer Customer says:

    I have read over 50 autobiographies memoirs in the last several years and I have to say that this is one of the best that I have read, very well researched and organized Anyone who is interested in the space program will find this book fascinating On the other hand, the personal life of John Glenn, like his 50 years marriage to his wife, is a love story He met his wife in a playpen when they were

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