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Inventing the Pinkertons; or, Spies, Sleuths, Mercenaries, and Thugs (English Edition) For Fans Of The American West As Well As True Crime Buffs Library Journal Inventing The Pinkertons Is A Welcome Addition To The History Of The Long Gilded Age It Will Appeal To Scholars And Students Interested In American Popular Culture, Business Government Relations, The Ongoing Struggle Between Labor And Capital, And The Formation Of The Modern Surveillance Police State Jocelyn Wills, Brooklyn College, City University Of New York American Historical ReviewBetween And , Pinkertons National Detective Agency Was At The Center Of Countless Conflicts Between Capital And Labor, Bandits And Railroads, And Strikers And State Power Some Believed That The Detectives Were Protecting Society From Dangerous Criminal Conspiracies Others Thought That Armed Pinkertons Were Capitals Tool To Crush Worker Dissent Yet The Image Of The Pinkerton Detective Also Inspired Romantic And Sensationalist Novels, Reflected Shifting Ideals Of Victorian Manhood, And Embodied A Particular Kind Of Rough Frontier Justice Inventing The Pinkertons Examines The Evolution Of The Agency As A Pivotal Institution In The Cultural History Of American Monopoly Capitalism Historian S Paul OHara Intertwines Political, Social, And Cultural History To Reveal How Scottish Born Founder Allan Pinkerton Insinuated His Way To Power And Influence As A Purveyor Of Valuable And Often Wildly Wrong Intelligence In The Union Cause During Reconstruction, Pinkerton Turned His Agents Into Icons Of Law And Order In The Wild West Finally, He Transformed His Firm Into A For Rent Private Army In The War Of Industry Against Labor Having Begun Life As Peddlers Of Information And Guardians Of Mail Bags, The Pinkertons Became Armed Mercenaries, Protecting Scabs And Corporate Property From Angry StrikersOHara Argues That American Capitalists Used The Pinkertons To Enforce New Structures Of Economic And Political Order Yet The Infamy Of The Pinkerton Agent Also Gave Critics And Working Communities A Villain Against Which To Frame Their Resistance To The New Industrial Order Ultimately, Inventing The Pinkertons Is A Gripping Look At How The Histories Of American Capitalism, Industrial Folklore, And The Nation State Converged

5 thoughts on “Inventing the Pinkertons; or, Spies, Sleuths, Mercenaries, and Thugs (English Edition)

  1. Tony Lesce Tony Lesce says:

    This book provides a serious look at one of the most sinister organizations in American history Today the Pinkerton Detective agency, like its rival, the Burns Detective Agency, has been absorbed, by Securitas, a Swedish company During its early days, the Pinkertons were involved in strike busting a

  2. Keenan Keenan says:

    Written by a history professor, this book is not as dry as one would expect Deftly woven is the role of popular crime fiction from the works of Edgar Allen Poe through Dashiell Hammett into the story of the Pinkertons through Blackwater, that it becomes apparent how Allen Pinkerton s savvy exploitati

  3. Jon Antol Jon Antol says:

    Accessible and informative Didn t know too much on the subject prior to reading but left with new understanding of the Pinks.

  4. business.mymanandvanwarrington.co.uk Customer business.mymanandvanwarrington.co.uk Customer says:

    Thoroughly researched Serious, and at the same time entertaining Fills in some answers about the detectives who frequently show up in popular stories and movies.

  5. Lifetime Reader Lifetime Reader says:

    This is a gift for my husband He loves to read mysteries I thought this would be a great addition to his reading.

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