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The Revolutionary guide to dramatic writing, whether you re writing the next Chinatown, Breaking Bad, or Glengarry Glen Ross The idea of Into the Woods is not to supplant works by Aristotle, Lajos Egri, Robert McKee, David Mamet, or any other writers of guides for screenwriters and playwrights, but to pick up on their cues and take the reader on a historical, philosophical, scientific, and psychological journey to the heart of all storytelling In this exciting and wholly original book, John Yorke not only shows that there is truly a unifying shape to narrative one that echoes the great fairytale journey into the woods, and one, like any great art, that comes from deep within he explains why, too With examples ranging from The Godfather to True Detective, Mad Men to Macbeth, and fairy tales to Forbrydelsen The Killing , Yorke utilizes Shakespearean five act structure as a key to analyzing all storytelling in all narrative forms, from film and television to theatre and novel writing a big step from the usual three act approach Into the Woods A Five Act Journey Into Story is destined to sit alongside David Mamet s Three Uses of the Knife, Robert McKee s Story, Syd Field s Screenplay, and Lajos Egri s The Art of Dramatic Writing as one of the most original, useful, and inspiring books ever on dramatic writingb w illustrations Into the Woods: A Five-Act Journey Into Story

About the Author: John Yorke

John Yorke is Managing Director of Angel Station where he works as a drama producer, consultant and lecturer on all forms of storytelling A former MD of Company Pictures where he Exec Produced Wolf Hall, he s worked as both Head of Channel Four Drama and Controller of BBC Drama Production As a commissioning Editor Executive Producer, he championed Life On Mars, The Street, Shameless and Bodies and in 2005 he created the BBC Writers Academy, a year long in depth training scheme which has produced a generation of successful television writers John is Visiting Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and lives and works in London

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