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Indian Killer A murderer is stalking and scalping white men in Seattle, his calling card a pair of feathers crossed on the victim s chest While this so called Indian Killer terrorises the city, its Native American population is thrown into turmoil With each new murder, the city is gripped by fear, and as the killer searches for his latest victim, the novel builds to its unexpected and terrifying climax

About the Author: Sherman Alexie

Sherman J Alexie, Jr., was born in October 1966 A Spokane Coeur d Alene Indian, he grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, WA, about 50 miles northwest of Spokane, WA Alexie has published 18 books to date Alexie is an award winning and prolific author and occasional comedian Much of his writing draws on his experiences as a modern Native American Sherman s best known works include The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, Smoke Signals, and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian He lives in Seattle, Washington.

10 thoughts on “Indian Killer

  1. The Shayne-Train The Shayne-Train says:

    Wow, I love those little gems that you read just cause and turn out to be amazing.Now, I ll say up front, I very rarely read paper books Since my introduction to e reading, that s all I want Why Because I can take a break from my book and Crush some Candy or snipe at a digital wildebeest or do a Sudoku, and then go right back to my book, ALL ON THE SAME MIRACULOUS GADGET What a sci fi world we live in, right Plus, if i m eating chicken wings for lunch while reading, i c

  2. Eryn Eryn says:

    Sherman Alexie is a self important, whiny alarmist, and a really bad writer.This book is all about Beware the Red Peril and has portrayed White Indian race relations at their c 1876 peakWhat an asshole.By the way, I m Native.

  3. Bren Bren says:

    Son, things have never been like how you think they used to be Sherman Alexie, Indian KillerIndian Killer is a highly disturbing but at the same time an amazingly written book It is riveting.I recently read this and felt a strong feeling of familiarity like I had read it before which I realized I had Quite awhile ago.I had this on my list for awhile It is a very dark and bleak book and is not as you might think based on its title It is a well written and complex story but because of

  4. MacK MacK says:

    Sherman Alexie s Indian Killer eschews the straight up spectacle of a racially motivated serial killer mystery with its potential for red herrings and dramatic climaxes and instead savors the subtlety of innumerable racially conflicted characters who seem equally capable of murder and leaves the whodunnit unanswered.I have an undeniable fondness for Alexie I m already planning how to teach his The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian at the beginning of the next school year One of t

  5. Rachel Rachel says:

    This was my introduction to Sherman Alexie, and I still think it is his best work that I ve read to date The title itself made me question my thought processes, as I immediately envisioned a book replaying and displaying the historical themes of colonization and genocide against Native Americans in a modernized plot This is, of course, what Alexie is doing, but the story centers around a couple of local murders attributed to an Indian Killer an Indian who kills, not someone who kills Indi This was

  6. Walk-Minh Allen Walk-Minh Allen says:

    This novel is a ghost story, a murder mystery, a psychological thriller, and a historical narrative reflecting the slow erosion of the native peoples of North America It was uncomfortable to read, yet comforting to know that I m not alone in my observations and my interpretations of the facts behind the systematic destruction, abuse, and dissolution of the first people over the past three to four centuries And, to focus the issues and themes of cultural domination and destruction through the p This novel

  7. Edwin Priest Edwin Priest says:

    Powerful and disturbing, this book will shake you up and push on your comfort zones It is a dark and meaningful tale full of racial tensions, prejudices and insanity A serial killer in Seattle sets off a cascade of reactions and violence in and against the Indian community in Seattle The characters are deep and conflicted, a complex mix of the well meaning, the angry and the alienated, and they all swirl together in a convoluted clash of tension and tumult And ultimately in the end, Indian K Powerful and distur

  8. Celeste Fairchild Celeste Fairchild says:

    I ve heard Alexi disavow this book publicly, so I don t feel bad giving it a negative review despite adoring the author It s an angry book, and in an unhelpful way it doesn t have sympathy for some of its own characters.There s also the fact that it s a mystery without a solution I m all for genre bending, but this was one of the least satisfying endings I ve ever read It seems like an immature book, something he wrote before he d worked out a lot of what makes him a great author Read his I ve heard Alexi disavow this

  9. Liz Liz says:

    As I was reading this book I was aware that I didn t really like it, but at the same time I was compelled to keep reading it That s why I gave it two stars instead of only one though frankly I feel that s a little generous , because there was just something that kept drawing me in That all stopped, however, about two thirds of the way into the book, when it essentially became a contest between whites and Indians of who could do the most hideous thing to complete innocent strangers At that po As I was reading this book I was

  10. Monica **can& Monica **can& says:

    Dark read, but good Review to come.

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