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In the Stars Which do you follow your head or your heart When Sylvie loses the diamond from her late mother s ring, her best friend, Cherise, insists it s a sign that love is about to enter Sylvie s life Yeah, right Sylvie doesn t believe in signs she only stargazes through her telescope But she also knows Cherise won t drop it, so to humor her Sylvie agrees to date the next boy who asksSure enough, a new guy appears in school, and Sylvie s the object of his affection Maybe Cherise was right after all But when the sparks don t fly and Cherise thinks Sylvie s just scared, Sylvie ends up confiding inan old friend Could finding the perfect guy be as rare as catching a shooting star

About the Author: Stacia Deutsch

1 New York Times Best Selling Author, Stacia Deutsch has writtenthan 200 books In addition to her award winning creative chapter book series entitled BLAST TO THE PAST, Stacia has also ghost written for a popular girl s mystery series, published non fiction texts, and penned a young adult romantic comedy called IN THE STARS She has also written junior movie tie in novels for summer blockbuster films including GHOSTBUSTERS, the New York Times Best Seller CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS JR MOVIE NOVEL, THE SMURFS MOVIE NOVELS, TALES OF THE SCAREMASTER, GIRLS WHO CODE, and A SWIRL NOVEL CINNAMON BUN BESTIES Newest releases SPIRIT RIDING FREE LUCKY S DIARY Find her at www.staciadeutsch.com Twitter staciadeutsch, www.facebook staciadeutsch, and www.instagram.com staciadeutsch_writes Stacia lives in Irvine, California with her three children.

10 thoughts on “In the Stars

  1. Gina Gina says:

    The last chick lit book I own, thank the flying spaghetti monster I originally bought this for a college class in which we never read it, and I can see why I knew what was going to happen every step of the way, but that didn t make it any less fun, like a low budget romantic comedy without the

  2. Abida Mim Abida Mim says:

    Predictable and cute.

  3. Doris Ware Doris Ware says:

    Fun read.

  4. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Julie M Prince for TeensReadToo.comAll of Sylvie s stars are aligned, just the way she likes them She has carefully mapped out her future, right down to her Yale scholarship and plans to become an astronomer, just like her late mother Is it any wonder she refuses to listen when her best friend, Cherise, te

  5. Nancy Nancy says:

    Adam made me want to gag While everything, supposedly anyway, was perfect about him, every detail about him made me suspicious His sincerity made me question his motives His attachment to Sylvie made me wonder whether he was obsessive His thoughtfulness made me think he had to be some serial killer in disguise You get the pic

  6. Bails Christopherson Bails Christopherson says:

    I ve read multiple Simon Romantic Comedies, but I m not sure where this one would rank First off, Adam was so dull HE was the shadow, not Tyler Adam was just way to perfect and i was waiting for him to do something terrible But it never happened Tyler on the other hand was a little bit freaky I don t understand how he had never spoke

  7. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Sylvie loves the stars the scientific aspect of them, that is Her best friend Cherise, on the other hand, loves the stars for their ability to predict the future Sylvie has never put up with Cherise s predictions, but then Cherise predicts Sylvie will meet her true love And then Adam comes into Sylvie s life, so maybe there sto Cherise s pre

  8. Kai Yi Kai Yi says:

    This book In the Stars by Stacia Deutsh and Rhody Cohon, is a romance comedy about two best friends Cherise and Sylvie Two friends but different views on stars or star readings Cherise is a kind of girl that make predictions by looking at stars, Sylvie doesn t believe those things at all And of course something happens that will change her mind, eve

  9. Saleema Parker Saleema Parker says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I liked this book a lot at first i though that i wasn t going to like this kind of book because it was about stars and stuff like that but surprisingly i really liked it i read it in a day It was about a girl named sylvie and her friend cherise and that there different but very

  10. Wendy Wendy says:

    Sylvie love astronomy but she s isnt as obessesd as Cherise Cherise s life practically depended on astronomy signs but Sylvie knows its not true, who believe in that stuff But when Sylive looses the diamond from her mother s ring, a whirlpool hitted SYlvie This is only the beginning of Sylive s love life Now she has Cherise on her back 24 7 telling her whats about

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